anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

poem: nostalgia


I saw your face on the television screen,
but it wasn't you I was seeing.
I felt you kiss me again through the television screen,
reaching beyond dots of static and nothingness
aiming straight for where I'm most vulnerable.

she is his exotic belly dancer
and they kiss like fire on ice
their lips melting and fusing into each other
as if today were the Apocalypse.

I know this...
because it is what I used to feel

when you had your arms around me tight.

now you're gone.
the fire has been put out, put away,
I snuffed out the candle, and I'm
not sorry...

because all I felt when you were here
was shame.

April 8, 2003. 12.09 a.m.

Tags: first boyfriend, poems
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