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Let's just start from the very beginning.</p>

I couldn't sleep at all last night/this morning. I went to bed at 11-something, thinking, "Okay, there's school tomorrow, I gotta wake up at 6.30, I better sleep if not I'd definitely die."

An hour later, I was still awake. I got up to write a couple of poems. I tried sleeping again.

Didn't work. At 1.36 a.m. I was still awake. And somehow, I drifted off into partial slumber. Why 'partial'? Because at 3.17 a.m. I opened my eyes and checked my watch for the time. I thought, "Maybe I'll go watch the match. Check the score. And come back to sleep again."

Was too tired to get up though, but that doesn't mean I slept well, because a while later I opened my eyes again. Checked the watch. It was 4.49 a.m. By then the match was already over.

All in all, it was a horrible night. My mother didn't have too hard a time waking me up as I wasn't even sleeping that soundly. Needless to say, it affected my entire day in school.

First. I'm in the same class as Mel, my beloved super twin. I stepped into the school compound and a few seconds later I saw that crazy thing screaming and running towards me, going, "WE'RE IN THE SAME CLASS!!! EEEEEEE!"

I'm the first on the class register. Bwahahaha. I'm number one. Yosha. A number very suited for someone like me... hahahahaha.

Um, yeah, anyway, there are twenty-seven people in my class, two short of the total population of my Secondary 3 & 4 class, with a whopping grand total of seven guys. Fucking hell, why do I always kena the classes with a lot of people but so little males? It really sucks. The plus side is, I'm in the same class as Meg Ryan!

Who's Meg Ryan, you ask. He's a guy. Yeah, a guy. Mel and I call him Meg Ryan because... well, it's a long story which I wouldn't go into. He's a retainee and he's reeeeaally gorgeous. I think I had a fever when I first saw him in school. He was hanging around with the twin and another guy who's left for greener pastures a few months back, and I walked past, and I saw beloved Meg Ryan and in this pretty little head of mine, I was screaming, "WHOA! CHECK OUT THAT GUY!"

Of course, I'm very used to seeing him around now so looking at him isn't a big deal anymore. Still, at least I have, well, one eye-candy in my class.

He was sitting beside me today and my civics tutor, who was my GP tutor in term one and is my GP tutor again, made a crack that went like this: "And Yelen is having difficulty concentrating because she's sitting so close to Meg Ryan."

I could just dig a hole right there and then and bury my corpse in it. Thanks to my big-mouthed mate Mel, he knows that I think he's absolutely gorgeous. His reaction? "Oh, okay. Well, nothing out of the ordinary. I get it a lot."


Before I fill up this whole entry with talks about him, let me move on 'cause I'm not even halfway done. My timetable seriously sucks. I'm ending at 4.30 p.m. tomorrow. Which isn't even all that bad, if you compare it with what I'm going to say next. Fridays. I end at fucking 5.15. And guess what my fucking last periods are? FUCKING P.E.! DOUBLE-PERIOD P.E.! AN HOUR AND A HALF IN HELL!

My earliest day is Tuesday, where I end at 3.45 p.m. In Term One I was complaining about how shit it is that on Tuesdays I have six consecutive periods without any break in between, and that I end at 4.30 that day, which was my longest day. Now that seems to be the norm for me. Two days a week at 4.30. And Friday at bloody 5.15.

My life sucks. Seriously. I haven't even started classes and I already don't feel like studying anymore. That was the feeling I got in school, but I suppose it had something to do with me being in a not-so-good mood, 'cause I was so tired from sleeping like shit and all. And the first thing we did, besides assembly, was to listen to some talk on SARs. Talk about boring. It was held in LT5 and the damn air-con wasn't on so the whole place was stuffy as hell. Luckily the teacher who gave the talk was entertaining enough to keep me from falling asleep.

I spent two hours buying my uniform today, with the majority of the time spent on queueing up. In all honesty, I can't believe I actually made it through the queueing process. I have got to be the most impatient person I've ever known, besides my mother and my mate Yunnie, so lining up for almost 2 hours just to buy two sets of brown, disgusting uniform and seeing it through was pretty amazing. For some reason though the woman told me my waist length was 29 inches, so I bought the size 29 skirt. Went to the loo to try it on for size, and guess what? It was too fucking big.

Which came as a real relief to me, 'cause the last I remember, I was still a 27. When the woman told me, '29', I was like, 'Huh?' It was genuine surprise (and part hunger; I skipped lunch just to buy the stupid thing; didn't think I'd have to queue for two bloody hours). I was expecting 28 at the very most.

Went to exchange one skirt for a 28. Tried it on at home. Still kinda big. So tomorrow I'm going to change it for a 27. Bwahahahahaha. Damn skirts are rather long though. It ends a little above my knees, just a little. I want it to be shorter.

I don't know why but the people I was with wanted long skirts. They were saying to me, "Hey Yelen, your skirt's kind of short." I looked down, and went, "What? It's so damn long." My anime freak friend, Sakurai, was like, "Yeah. She wants a shorter skirt."

Is it my fault that I feel more comfortable in a short skirt rather than a long skirt? No.

But who cares. I gotta update the cast page. Rather lazy today though.

I start lessons proper tomorrow, which means I should not bring my Slam Dunk books to school, 'cause I doubt I'd have the time to read them. I brought 3 volumes today. They were really heavy.

Had to sit through some talks at 11.15 and it lasted all the way till around 1 p.m. Was really bored. It was held in the hall and after a while it got warm. Wanted to sleep but couldn't get myself comfortable. Took off my shoes though.

I should stop drinking coffee. I suspect it's the thing keeping me up at night. But I just have to have a cup every day or I'd feel as if something's off.

Oh yeah. REAL MADRID THRASED FUCKCHESTER UNITED, 3-1. My friend from school SMS-ed me the results at 4 a.m., but because I was sleeping, I didn't know until I switched on the phone in LT5. He was like, "Damn sad... man u lost... 3-1..."

My reaction? "WAHOOOO! WE WON!!!!!"

My poor friend's a supporter of Fuckchester United, the poor misguided fool. I was laughing at him.

Anyway, I have nothing else to say. This entry was crappily written but ah well.

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