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I'm not an insomniac; I'm just really bored, and don't feel like sleeping yet. I'm in the process of learning a bit more about html, so this orange look will stay until I get the hang of it, which could take a year, depending on how long the interest lasts. If this look never changes, then it means I've lost interest and no longer give a toss about this online diary. You may also find that updates will get less and less, until they no longer exist.

This is, obviously, an introductory entry. I wouldn't say a lot, except that um, I love Joaquin Phoenix, and that my favourite band is silverchair. I like to write, above all things, though I don't think I'm any good at it (you be the judge: click. And please, leave me a review or two, dammit). *shrugs*

Reasons why Joaquin Phoenix and I should get married right now:

1) He's insecure about his acting abilites, I'm insecure about my writing abilities. Together, we make a great duo for self-deprecation.

2) He's beautiful, I'm average, so he should complement my looks. :)

3) He inspires me to write. That's reason enough, but I will continue.

4) He shares my vegetarian beliefs.

5) He opposes the death penalty.

6) He is amazingly sweet, and cute, and funny, and lovely, and adorable, and gorgeous, and kind, and smart, and deep, and

7) I turn to mush whenever I see him.

8) I'm a virgin.

All right, I'm going to bed.

Tags: joaquin phoenix, personal

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