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here again. woo.

A quick recap of my very exciting second day of term two in JJC:</p>

1. I was appointed the Maths rep*, all thanks to bloody Mel. The teacher was like, "Can we have some nominees for Maths rep?" Mel went, "YELEN!!!!" Jeez. Nobody wanted to do it so I kena-ed in the end. It's not really that bad, truth be told. I get two bonus points at least. It's just that... me? Maths rep? I don't even like the stupid subject. Gah.

2. I sprained my ankle while bouncing down the steps of LT5 to the stage to get the attendance list during Maths lecture. Isn't it wonderful? It's hurting now and if I'm lucky, I'd get to stay home tomorrow. There's a plus side to my misfortune after all! And even if I'm made to go to school, I can skip P.E. anyway. They can't possibly force me to run on a sprained ankle can they?

3. I passed by Mr. Nerd on my way to the toilet. He said 'hello' to me and I waved. Behind him was my Year 2 friend, let's call him by his mIRC nickname Triaz. Behind him was Triaz. I didn't see him until he waved his hand in my face and went, "HEY!" Damn Mr. Nerd. Bloody idiot. I don't know. Nevermind.

4. Tutorials were rather horrible. Since it's the first day of proper lessons not much was done, but it took me some time to grasp what the teacher was on about during Maths. Well, at least I grasped it, eh? I have to attend crash courses for the first two topics covered in term one 'cause I didn't take Maths in term one. Bleah. Luckily it's things like logarithms and indices, which I've already done in secondary school. If not, I think I will just kill myself right now.

5. History lecture was boring. The teacher played some super long video with a super monotonous narrator about the Russian Revolution. And the notes are in point form. Bloody shit. I need to get my own notes then, as I found it really hard to digest the point-form notes. I need it in paragraphs with complete sentences. Oh, and my class got lost during History lecture. The venue printed on the time-table was LT2, but there was an Economic lecture going on there during my History period. So the whole lot of us went to the office and thus, we were late for class. Woo-hoo.

6. Mel and I were late for Literature. Tutorial, that is. She was in the toilet trying on her new uniform, which took about twenty minutes, during the lunch period. And the queues in the canteen were really long so it took me about ten minutes to get my stuff. I ate really quickly but it was another ten minutes gone. Fortunately, I sprained my ankle so we had an excuse for being late, even though it was hardly the case. Bwahahahahaha.

7. Had my temperature taken in the morning. Was blacklisted, so to speak, because my dad travels to Malaysia every day to work. I don't know why but yeah, the teach told me to have my temperature taken. I'm thinking it would go on for quite some time, which is really, really a drag. Totally unnecessary too. It's supposedly a preventive measure against spreading SARs in school but no, I don't have that disease, my father doesn't have it either but okay, I get the point but yeah, it's just really annoying.

8. That's all.

*rep: short for 'representative'.

Tags: friends, haojun, junior college

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