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I'm more or less done with the paper, albeit with 1000+ words to eliminate. That's not a difficult task considering I have at least one full day to do this. I finished the first draft of the PhD outline a couple of days ago and discussed it with Dr P today, and it needs some re-writing but I should be able to finish that by the end of tomororw.

The only thing is - and it is a pretty big thing - I am moving into my swanky (for college standards) new room tomorrow, so there will be a disruption to my normal paper-writing routine. It is a bit annoying, and I hope that it won't leave me in an enervated state for the rest of the day.

I really regret not getting coffee from Fitzbillies today after I was finished with errands post-meeting. I thought it was a bit late; it was 4pm when I got to the library and I didn't want to be kept awake all night because of the coffee, which is usually quite strong. But what a massive difference a cup of flat white makes! I was so sleepy and couldn't focus, and Barry kept talking to me, so I was quite unproductive. I would've liked to use my unproductive time to move rooms, but the college isn't receptive to scheduling changes, and so to avoid confusion, I decided to just stick to my allocated room-moving dates.

I am, however, super excited about my new room. Have I already mentioned a few months ago that it's the most expensive room in the college? It is also on site, in Second Court, which means I get to live in a really old building! That is so cool, right? I'm not looking forward to cooking in the tiny gyp room equipped with one hot plate and no fridge (not kidding), and I am hoping that the fridge in my room will be big enough for my things, but apart from this, I think it's going to be great!

Speaking of great, I am feeling semi-good about the paper and outline. The outline is entirely my own this time so it makes sense in my head. It's also a lot more focused than the original one. The paper isn't as gross too, so I guess that's a plus.

All right, I am going to write a stupid private entry and go to bed in hopes of finally waking up at 8-ish; I've been setting my alarm for 8 but do I ever get up at 8? It's a miracle if I get up before 9. Anyway, I would like to start moving things ASAP so I have to wake up early, so that's it.
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