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a nice day.

Yuch recommended this site to me and he's right; it's hilarious. Non-Singaporeans would probably find it hard to read because it's written in Singlish (complete with garish Hokkien vulgarities! So funny), but it's worth a look-see anyway. It put into very grammatically-incorrect and yet strangely-apt words about the triviality of the "issues" dealt with during the elections (*cough* the James Gomez non-issue *cough*).

Speaking of James Gomez, albeit in parenthesis, how stupid is it that he was prevented from flying back to Switzerland where he has a JOB? And the worst part? He wasn't even told why he was prevented from leaving the country until he got to the police station. I haven't read The Trial yet but the first thing that came to my mind was, "Oh my god, how Kafka is that?"

Flipped to the back of the Straits Times and saw myself glancing at a Review (which is supposed to be analytical and commentary-ish) article about the elections. I was going to read it until I read the caption below some picture which said the dumbest thing I've read all day long. The PAP, it said, improved its performance from the 1997 general elections when it got 65% of the votes to its 66.6% of the votes in this year's elections.

WHAT? How 'bout this: Compared to the 2001 general elections when it got 70-something percent of the votes, the PAP noticeably did worse this time around/the PAP did substantially worse this time around.

You know, just give me something that resembles the truth. I would've read that article but for the stupid, stupid, stupid caption. Whoever wrote that is an idiot.

With so many local blogs (and I mean real blogs, not fucked up nonsense like and her non-existent writing skillz~!) that do not bow to the PAP, who needs the Straits Times? In fact, those bloggers write so much better than most ST journalists.

I've since acquired a disdain for local journalists. When I watched that LKY question-and-answer thing, the only question I wanted answered was why on EARTH were 90% of the "youths" that participated in the Q&A...journalists. They should've got, like, Dean Listers from law school or something. You know, intellectual people and not...journalists. The organisers probably didn't want to put LKY in a difficult spot and so they roped in journalists to ask safe and predictable questions.

Right, whatever. Journalism in this country is a joke. As long as the PAP restricts media freedom, journalism in this country will continue to be a joke and I will continue not to read the Straits Times and satiate my need for news by having the New York Times delivered to my gmail inbox. At least the NY Times doesn't insult its reader's intelligence. If I need local news, I will hop over to Yawning Bread dot Org, which is subjective but hey, at least his subjectivity is one with which I agree. Either way, I have other and better options, thank you very much.

Moving on now.

Today is a joyous day because I finally received my 2-DISC DVD COLLECTOR'S EDITION of Walk the Line! I purchased it off eBay a month ago and I didn't receive it the first time the seller sent it and so she sent a second one at no extra charge. Of course, it is possible that she never sent the first one, but why choose to be cynical when you can marvel at how generous some strangers can be? Cynicism gets tiring after a while and so I'm opting for the second option.

The DVD comes with gorgeous black-and-white promo stills and I LOVE the cover, a drawing of Joaq/Johnny with his guitar strapped upside-down to his back, standing in the middle of a ring of fire. So pretty and symbolic.

I went to Mel's in the afternoon for lunch. She cooked lunch for me! I hardly eat steamed fish 'cause I hate steamed fish but since she was cooking, I knew it had to taste good. She forgot to add the salted beans before steaming the dory fillets and hastily added them after realising it and after some shrieking (like, "OH SHIT I FORGOT THE SALTED BEANS!" which was funny. Hahaha!) but it was still super good anyway, healthy and nice, because Mel rocks.

And look what she did for me!

A heart-shaped mushroom! Isn't it so cute? For some weird reason that mushroom tasted better than all the mushrooms I've eaten in my life combined. Hehe.

Mel rocks my boat. Period.

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