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Veronica Mars Season 2 finale: Not Pictured

(Standard spoilers warning applies)

"Not Pictured"

I ought to be sleeping right now because my head is hurting but I don't think I can sleep anyway even if I tried.

I feel extremely, EXTREMELY disturbed. A scene from the finale keeps playing over and over again in my head, blocking out everything else, including my long-awaited Logan/Veronica moments.

It's the scene when Cassidy jumps off the rooftop.

Even before he jumps. Logan doesn't have an answer to his question; why shouldn't he jump? And he yells "My name is Cassidy!" with anger and torment and just for that moment alone the Big Reveal makes so much sense, and it's so heartbreaking because it could've been prevented, if only.

Oh god. It's too damn real and I feel like it REALLY happened, as if an actual friend of mine had just killed himself and was revealed as the mastermind behind a bus crash that killed 20 of my schoolmates.

I still can't get that scene out of my head.

This show isn't just a show for me.


There are so many other things to talk about but I can't think coherently right now.

In brief though, the finale was a bit of a let-down. It didn't help at all that I accidentally read the spoiler online (which PISSES ME OFF still) and I spent half the time during the Big Revelation hoping and hoping that it wasn't Cassidy. The spoiler aside, I think it would still be a bit of a let-down.

For one, his evilness seemed a bit too extreme and over-the-top. It felt too one-dimensional and it didn't have the nuances that the writers have shown over TWO WHOLE SEASONS that would've made it more believable. Sure he's always been kind of strange and awkward and shifty, but I didn't connect the dots at all when Veronica figured him out as the killer.

For another, too damn much happened. I feel kind of bludgeoned and...dazed.

Mostly though, I'm still extremely disturbed by that one scene.

Anyway, I also did not like how quickly and easily LoVe got back together (right at the end, of course. Ugh!). It IS what I've been waiting for the whole season, but the resolution was just so UNSATISFACTORY. I get that Logan saved her life...

Okay, I suppose that's it. When someone saves your life you kind of forget all the crap that the person has done, especially when you've been harbouring inepxlicable feelings for that person for months.

I just wish they'd talked about how they left things in "Look Who's Stalking".

One last thing I didn't really care for: Jackie and Wallace. Those were precious minutes that could've been spent on, oh, I don't know, WEEVIL'S FATE?!

I hate Lamb for being an asshat and arresting him before he got to go onstage and receive his high school diploma. Damn you, Lamb. But you're still really, really, REALLY hot.

I liked the rest of the episode though, especially the What If? dream sequence - which was both intriguing and creepy, and oh so beautifully-shot.

I still can't get my head around the fact that Cassidy actually raped Veronica.

Above all else, THAT SCENE wouldn't bloody go away.

I don't know how I'm gonna sleep tonight.

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