anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Fantastic Day, Yo.

I'm trying to think of an attention-grabbing, snazzy way to phrase this, but the excitement has severely clouded my mental capabilities and so I will simply say this:


Today has already been a bloody fantastic day, what with having lunch with Rui and Mag and then shopping with Mag at Bugis, so how much more fantastic is it for me to come home and find out that Veronica hasn't been axed after all? Effing fantastic, I say.


Okay, that's out of my system for now.

I will come back for an update later. Too damn excited to think straight! Going to buy a VM-related shirt now. Bwahaha.


Edited to add at 11.18 p.m.:

Hahaha Mag is super funny. We were walking towards Bugis Junction and Mag was talking about making movies and the conversation mentioned Takuya Kimura (with whom she's irrationally obsessed - haha) and that he was a samurai in one of his movies, and I was like, Samurai are hot, and guess what she said?

I paraphrase, but it was something like, "Only when the clothes come off, dear."

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Funniest comment ever.

I told you I'd write about this and ruin your reputation! Though sadly I can't remember it word for word. Oh well. Maybe you can jog my memory?

We had desserts from The Royals, a nice cake shop. Mag had Oreo cheesecake and I had yummy dark chocolate truffles. And both of us had bubble tea! It was yummy and cheap, and its cheapness made it yummier.

Yeah I know my English has totally gone to the dogs but yeah. We went to the library too and it was so hard trying to talk in hushed whispers. I wanted to borrow a couple of weight loss books but they were too heavy and so I settled for a book about writers on writing, another on bad English which I made me laugh to myself on the train going home, and a novel about...well, something Pakistani. It looked interesting. I probably won't read it though. One reason I hardly borrow fiction is because I take oeons to start reading a book and by the time I start the book would be looooong overdue. Besides, I love embellishing my bookcase with intellectual, clever and literary novels. It's fun. Try it.

Anyway, I had a great day today. Thanks Mag. And thanks Rui, too, for lunch, which rocks also. Kelvin actually looked pretty smart in his office attire! But of course he ruined whatever respectability he managed to put on the minute he started doing his comic routines. Hahaha. He's funny.

Have to post this quickly before I lose Internet connection.

Tags: friends, mag, veronica mars

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