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a boring update.

Edited to add:

Yeah, so I can't install my camera.

First Windows tells me that some .dll file was missing. I was this close to hurling something at my wall but good sense told me to do a google search to see what the hell that file is. So I searched, found a free download, downloaded it and overwrote the supposedly existing .dll file (apparently last modified in December 2004 but I got this laptop only last year so what the hell?). When my installation attempt moved past XP asking me where the .dll file was, I thought, Is this working?

Then XP had to burst my bubble and ask me where usbscan.sys is.

Of course, I did the obvious and searched for the two files first before googling them. All my searches (and believe me, there were many) turned up either nothing or the file I'd just downloaded. I resorted to downloading a usbscan.sys file and when I tried to use it XP kindly warned me about the detrimental effects the downloaded hardware would have on my operating system.

Right. Thanks a lot for the help. I couldn't very well ignore it because I have gold in my laptop and I'd die if I lost my Veronica Mars episodes and my crappy unfinished prose and whatever else, and it really doesn't help that I have no idea what the proper course of action should be. Searching Microsoft's website turned up nothing useful or comprehensible either.

I fucking hate Microsoft. I should've got a Mac when I was shopping for laptops.

I do love my camera and everything but the memory card that Best included with my purchase...DOES NOT WORK. What the hell. I hate technology. I'd taken only 20 random shots of random crap (i.e. myself) and already my camera's memory is full. WHAT THE HELL. All thanks to whoever wrongly labelled the memory card 'Nikon S6' AND all thanks to Bill Gates I now have to go back to MARINE PARADE tomorrow to fix these problems.

I even tried searching my Service Pack 2 CD since the files are supposedly in there but that didn't bloody work either. And the help pages google pulled out for me are at least 5 years old, the OS in question being Windows 98.

Absolutely brilliant, World. Here's a pat on the back.


To stranger: Chlamydia is a sexually-transmitted disease.


In the last 24 Hours have you...

1. Had sex: More like, In the last 19 years and 10 months, have you had sex? No.

2. Bought something: Many things that made me happy! Underwear from Esprit, a Nikon Coolpix S6 (okay my dad bought this for me), iced caramel macchiato from Starbucks, and a pink belt from Esprit but this ceased to make me happy when I came home and discovered that it's bloody size S which means it's too short. Damn.

3. Gotten sick: No.

5. Been kissed: Well, it's been a while, let's just say.

6. Ate something: Lunch, just now.

7. Felt stupid: No. Ever since law school pissed off for a while, I haven't been feeling stupid.

8. Talked to an ex: You know me. I don't talk to ex-boyfriends; definitely not someone who believes in "let's still be friends".

9. Missed someone: No.

10. Hugged someone: Mel!

Last person who....

1. Slept in your bed: Me.

2. Saw you cry : Probably my mom.

3. Made you cry: You know, it's too damn embarrassing humiliating to even think about it, so let's just pretend it never happened. The upside is, it happened sometime at the end of last year and it's over now and it's all good.

4. You went to the movies with: Simon.

5. You went to the mall with: My dad.

Last person you....
1. Said "I Love You" and meant it: My mom.

2. Got in a fight with: I haven't got into a serious fight with anyone in a very long time. I take that as a good tihng.

Have You...
3. Been to California: no

4. Been to Mexico: no

5. Been to China: yes

6. Been to Canada: no

7. Been to Europe: no

8. Been to Central America: no

some more questions...
1. Do you have a crush on someone: Should I laugh or come up with a halfway-decent snarky remark about how junior college crushes are?

2. What book are you reading now: Rats Saw God by Rob Thomas (YES THE VERONICA MARS CREATOR ROB THOMAS!) and am STILL reading Great Expectations. I'm a lazy reader. Which sucks.

3. Worst feeling in the world: This curious feeling of inadequacy you get when someone doesn't like you back, and knowing that you've single-handedly screwed up your own future.

4. Future KIDS names: "Rode Hard, meet Put Away Wet." HAHA. I really do love Veronica Mars. Though that Logan quote wasn't in the context of 'Future KIDS names'. I just thought it was funny.

6. What's under your bed: The floor and the air molecules between the floor and the base of my bed.

7. Favorite sport to watch: Basketball. Sport that I'd rather swallow my own puke than watch? Football. Or what Singaporeans pretending to be Americans call 'soccer'. I hate that word. I don't know why; I just do.

8. Location: SingGaPor.

9. Piercing/Tattoos: Zero.

10. Do you drink: I'm, like, totally straight-edged.

11. What are you most scared of right now: Failing Contract. Seriously.

12. Where do you want to get married: Over my dead body.

13. Who do you really hate: Like I could even care.

14. Do you like being around people: Only people I like, which is, nowadays, limited exclusively to friends and family.

15. Have you ever liked someone you have no chance with: That's about the only time I'd ever like someone. And yes, I did, back in 2004. A year-long crush. Long story, don't wanna get into it.

16. Have you ever cried: What a dumb question. Go screw yourself.

17. Are you lonely right now: No.

18. Song that's stuck in your head a lot: Right now, "Troubled Times" by Fountains of Wayne, whom I don't even like. That song, though, was used in two Veronica Mars scenes. Hence.

19. Been in love: No. Thought I was, but wasn't. But then again, I guess it's what you feel in that moment itself that counts. I don't know.

20. Played strip poker: I don't know how to play poker. And I'm not interested.

21. Gotten beaten up: no

22. Been on radio/TV:nope

23. Been in a mosh-pit: No.

24. Do you have any gay/lesbian friends: Yes.

25. Skinny dipped: no.

26. Real name:

27. Height: 165cm.

28. favourite food: That's a hard one. Probably dessert. Good dessert. Like cheesecakes and chocolate cakes and like super fattening stuff. Whatever.

29: Drink: Iced coffee and tea.


Argh. I totally forgot about Jurong's Talentime thing. It was at some NTU auditorium and it was supposedly a big thing to celebrate Jurong's 25th year of crappiness (oops) or something. I read TR's blog, then Yuenmei's blog, and I wish I'd gone! I mean Eugene sang and everything and I haven't seen or heard Eugene in 10 million years! Sigh.

By the way TR, the first time I saw Eugene I thought he was super hot. Hahahaha. But don't tell him that; it's not like he's not narcissistic enough!

Anyway, so yesterday I bought a bunch of stuff as stated in the survey. I also finally got a new pair of glasses - though my spectacles is entirely made of plastic with the exception of the screws and whatever else - and I like the frame but it makes me quite giddy. Damn. Also, I love my Nikon S6 and I stayed up until 4 a.m. this morning to charge the battery and when I tried using the memory card my camera told me it could not be used. The hell? I'm pretty much an idiot when it comes to technology so I have no idea what is wrong.

I'm going to Taiwan this Thursday. More specifically, I'm going to Taipei which is the best place in the world so if anyone wants me to get them stuff, let me know now or forever hold your peace. I will be back on the 5th of June. Or is it the 4th? I can't remember.

I'm so happy I finally got a digital camera and it's the one I want too! My dad actually paid for it. What a shocker (side note: Whenever I see or type or hear the word 'shocker' I automatically think of the obscene hand gesture which Logan and Dick flashed in an early Season 2 Veronica episode. I swear, you learn SO MUCH from watching that show and I'm always amazed by how much dirty content the show manages to get past the censors), but it really isn't.

I'm going to watch Singapore Idol now and laugh at the people in this country. Fun times.

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