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A Fantastic Day

What a fantastic day! Despite sleeping really poorly, falling asleep past 3am and waking up every now and then, and finally waking up with the feeling like I'd been hit by a truck, today turned out to be pretty great.

First, I started my day with a yummy friand and flat white at Fitzbillies. I read Deborah Levy's Swimming Home, which was unfortunately disturbed by the two women who sat next to me and obviously had a conversation right next to me. I love reading in cafes while sipping a delicious cup of coffee, but I cannot focus on my reading when a conversation is happening too close, such that I can hear what they are saying. Otherwise, the indistinct conversation of all the other people in the cafe buzzing in the background somehow creates a casual, relaxed atmosphere, one that makes me glad in my heart while I read another great book.

That aside, Matt was again super cute and nice. To be honest, I have been wondering for a while now if the seemingly special attention that Matt has given me was all in the line of duty, i.e. he's just doing his job, or if there is nothing 'seeming' about the special attention at all. I'd honestly never really paid attention to how he interacts with other customers, not least because I've been taking away my coffee most of the time. Today, though, I noticed immediately when I entered and stood in line that he was not overly friendly with the three girls in front of me. He was polite, efficient; no small talk at all and definitely no flirting.

When I was at the counter, he said, 'How are you?' I told him that I'd pretty much just woken up and he told me that he woke up at 5.45am to open at 8am. 'It's for a good cause,' I said, before taking my friand to the window seat.

He was very surprised that I wasn't taking away as usual. I also decided to get him to make good on his prior probably-gratuitous promise to make me fancy latte art the next time I had my coffee in the cafe, so I went round to the counter, asked, 'Are you busy?'

He seemed a bit taken aback by the question, then confirmed that he wasn't particularly busy.

'Can you make something fancy?'

He laughed, clearly remembering the time he said he would. He agreed but not before adding a caveat. It's difficult to do the fancy ones in a smaller flat white cup, he said, but he'll try his best.

'Thanks. I'm excited!' 'I'm excited' is probably the most flirtatious thing that I am ever capable of saying, and even then, I'm not sure if I said it with that intention or not. In any event, he came with the coffee and set this down on the table:

Isn't it so cute? It's an abstract swan. 'It's the best I can do,' he said and began explaining to me about how it works, something about the amount of espresso at the bottom, etc. In all frankness, I didn't really understand; I was probably already thinking about what to say next.

And so I said, 'Okay next time I'll get a latte and you can do a proper one.'

He asked me if I have Instagram as he sometimes posts his latte art on (in? I suck at prepositions) his Instagram account. Unfortunately, I don't do Instagram; it is too bad.

I spent the rest of the time reading, or trying to drown out the conversation next to me so that I could read. When I was out of coffee and thus out of a legitimate reason to park myself there, I got up to leave. As I left, I looked over at the counter to see if I could catch his attention and say bye, and to my surprise, he was looking straight at me. I waved, said bye; see you around, he said.

I must say that I hate it when people say 'see you around', no matter who it is - friends, cute guys, whatever. I find it so cavalier and non-committal. It's like, it'll be nice if I see you, but I wouldn't really care if I don't. I never tell a friend 'see you around'; it's usually something like 'I'll see you next time' or just 'bye'. But maybe it is just me.

Anyway, that was that. He has the warmest chocolate brown eyes, really cute smile, a tattoo of a cube-thing on his arm. He seems to pay more attention to me, but I do go there virtually every day, so the attention itself isn't indicative of anything. Still, it feels really nice. I always leave Fitzbillies with a smile on my face. Isn't that lovely?


Second, I met John, John's girlfriend Kasia (who is so lovely) and Raffael at Fitzwilliam for lunch. Raffael is finally back from The Other Place and it was the first time seeing him since our workshop, I believe. The food was incredibly underwhelming but the company was great. I had to go to the faculty to talk to LLM students who are interested in joining the Journal (for which I am managing editor) but I was late because John took us (Raffael more than anyone else) on a short tour of the college.

But it was okay. Nothing really happened. I just don't like to be late for official business, so I was a bit anxious but in the end, I did more talking to the other PhD students who were also there to advertise certain things than to any LLM student.

Raffael kindly walked with me back to the faculty even though he had a bike. We had a meaningful conversation. We had another meaningful conversation (amidst casual ones) from 5-6 when I accompanied him on his graveyard shift. He's such an interesting person to talk to. I especially liked it when he said that, if he sees a baby and a puppy, he'd fawn over the puppy. I am exactly like that.

So yes, the afternoon was nice even though I was so sleepy throughout. It's just senseless that I was way sleepier in the afternoon, when I had to be awake, than I am now, when it is almost time for bed. What the hell is wrong with my sleeping pattern? This is really frustrating.


Third, I had a two-minute conversation with Guy I Sort of Fancy. I went to get water and there he was, hunched over some papers. Without even thinking about it, I went up to him, said hi, asked how he was. He said something about the paper he was writing but honestly I didn't catch everything that he said, and therefore couldn't compose a good response, and so I was definitely not at my most charming self. He then asked how I was; I said that I was done with the resubmission last Friday. He indicated that he knew about it which I guess makes sense since we are Facebook friends. He then asked, 'So why are you here?'

I looked over his shoulder to see if my supervisor was sitting in his usual seat. He was. But oh well. I said, 'I'm meeting [H] tomorrow for a mock viva, so...'

He asked if I know when the date is; I don't. Then he said good luck with that as I indicated that I was gonna go off to get water; I said, 'Yeah I need it. You too!'

'I need it too!'

It wasn't the most exciting conversation, and John was not impressed at all. 'Bring a condom next time!' he said. He is so annoying. But still, small steps, right? This was a step up from managing only to say 'hi' to him on the two previous occasions that I saw him around.

His blue eyes are capable of knocking me dead. I'm just saying.


Fourth, I bought some fairy lights for my room and I spent some time putting them up. They look pretty, but I'm using scotch tape to drape it on the wall which isn't the best choice of adhesive. I'll do it again when I get some proper materials with which to put these lights up.

I also bought a hand-held steamer. I have two shirts that crease like fuck in the washing machine, such that even I - I who don't give a shit about some creases on my shirts - can't bear to wear them out in public. But I don't know how to iron, and even if I did, I don't have an iron, and I definitely don't want to use the communal iron and ironing board in the laundry room; the ironing board especially has a dubious level of cleanliness. Hence, hand-held steamer! This is so exciting.

I am loving my room and hating the small in-room fridge and fridge-less kitchen, but one has to take the good with the bad.

I need to sleep!
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