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this is actually just crap

I don't believe this. I typed three paragraphs' worth of words and my stupid browser decided to hang on me. Gaaaaawd. I gotta do it all over again then.

Okay. Even though I don't have time to surf, I'm typing this anyway because I still haven't got a new A5-sized notebook which means I have nowhere to write about my boring and uneventful days. Which means I have to spew crap on here. Which means I'd continue to torture you, whoever is reading, with absolutely nonsensical, trivial, trite and retarded crap penned by a self-proclaimed genius, until further notice.

Exciting ne?!?! I think it is.

Had my temperature taken in the morning, which resulted in me and two other classmates being late for Chinese class. This arrangement seriously sucks. Not the bit where I get to miss classes, oh no, definitely not that! But it's such a drag to go to the temperature taking room and do the stuff there. And the worst thing is, it seems like I have to do it every day, because 1) the Sars situation isn't going to get less seriously anytime soon, and 2) my dad goes to Malaysia for work every single day, except for Sundays. It really sucks.

Missed P.E. due to my ankle. Went to school in sandals with the injured foot bandaged, and limped extra hard when we were all gathered for P.E., even though my ankle doesn't even hurt anymore. Bwahahahahaha. I'm good, I know. There's a new boy in class, which makes the total population of my class 30. Thirty fucking people. Jeez. That's more than my secondary four class.

He was reading a book during P.E. Don't know why he sat out, but yeah, he did. There were two other classmates who couldn't do; one on permanent MC while another had some knee injury. So the four of us sat at one the study benches and rotted. The new guy read his book, I read 'Brave New World' by Aldous Huxley, the class rep did some thing on some high-tech product, and the girl with the knee injury was... sleeping. Or something. Didn't really take notice. She's this 9-pointer from my brother's school, Dunearn Secondary. When my brother was posted there my mom tried all means to transfer him elsewhere, specifically St. Joseph Institution (or is it Institute? Seb?), but it was unsuccessful so poor bro's stuck at Dunearn Sec. But whatever. Nobody cares.

Anyway, back to the new kid. He's kinda cute, though nowhere as handsome as Mr. Nerd and nowhere as gorgeous as Meg Ryan. Still, he looks better than most of the guys in class.

Okay, so I'm really a superficial, shallow, air-headed bitch, but yeah. I'm just saying, all right? It doesn't mean anything. And I didn't say much to him anyway, 'cause I didn't know what the hell to say. At least the guy reads. That should count for something.

Moving on now. I find Economics not as daunting as I thought it was, although the demand equations thingy kind of made me wanna rip my lecture notes into two and distribute the remains around, for whatever reason. Gotta attend the make-up lecture though, since I totally fucked off for the subject in term one. Trust me to know how to waste my own time. Who's surprised though? Certainly not me.

Mel and I couldn't bear the canteen during lunch time, as it was hot and humid and crowded and totally Sars-infected, so we, along with this Malaysian guy who works at night, headed to BP and got our lunch there. The Malaysian guy, let's call him Mr. Nsync (he has the same name as one of its members, that's why), didn't get anything, so Mel and I were like, "You're on a diet? Whatever for?" I, particularly, was taking the mickey out of him for um, not eating.

It was really dumb so I won't go on about it anymore. When we were heading back to the school though we passed by this concave/convex mirror, and Mr. Nsync went, "God, I'm so FAT!"

Mel replied, "Yelen, does the colour of my shoes make my calfs look fat?"


Um, right. Surfed the net during GP in the computer lab. I like the teacher and everything but god, GP lessons are boring as hell, except when we're doing random discussions of random topics. I really have enough of crap like 'how to write an argumentative essay'. Like, give me a break. We've been through that in secondary school already. And we're all bloody A-banders, so I think we should already know how to write a bloody argumentative essay, so cut the crap already!

And we have an actual reading list. Gaaawd. Teach asked us to visit the RJC website, so I checked out their list, and I gotta say, theirs is so much better than ours! They have White Oleander, The Lovely Bones, things like that, while we have fucking Danielle Steel(e). Jeez. I seriously don't know what to say.

AND we have to do book reviews. Purpose? To track our reading habits. How fucking primary school is that?! Not just that; the review space is only like ten lines long. How to write a review like that, you tell me?

Whatever though. I don't really care. I probably wouldn't do it anyway. And even if I do, I'd probably end up reviewing the books that I've read ages ago.

Wore the JJC uniform today. Apparently, my skirt's really short, 'cause everyone was like, "Yelen, your skirt's damn short leh!" Sakurai saw me in the canteen and immediately went, "You're so indecent!"

Dot dot dot. Wore the size 27 which fits just right. Didn't fold it. Didn't alter it. And it goes all the way up to my waist. Bwahahahaha.

Had some difficulty sitting down on the floor though.

Had to endure an hour's worth of crap during Civics from the principal. He rattled on about some plans they have to totally revamp the school, yadayadayada, wasn't interested except for when he talked about the emersion (sp) programme they're planning to have with some universities or something in Australia. Short-listed pupils will be in Oz for ONE WHOLE MONTH. Exciting, yes? But dammit, I wouldn't get to go, because it's for people who're likely to fail GP during the A Levels. And guess what? I was one mark short of an A for my very first GP test in term one.

In other words, if I'm gonna get myself shortlisted for the thing, I'd have to fail GP. Which is really stupid. Which means I wouldn't get to go.

I can just imagine one month of Australia, living in Australia, interacting with Australians, flirting with cute Ausrtalian guys and writing about it. Sounds like pure heaven to me. And Australia isn't Sars-infected, not yet anyway, so I can do whatever the fuck I please, go wherever the fuck I please and the best thing is, NO PARENTAL CONSTRICTIONS!

What the hell though. Wouldn't get to go. Bleah.

I'm hungry. Going to take a shower now. Ja.

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