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Crappy entry.

I am very annoyed that I lost my retainers. I'd managed to not lose it through trips to Taiwan, a move from Singapore to London, another move from London to The Hague, yet another from The Hague to Amsterdam, and then back to Singapore again; it'd been with me for 20 years. But now, after moving across the road from Hertford Street to the college, it's gone. It really bothers me not simply because I know my teeth are moving out of position and I can't do anything about it; but also because I'd had that for 20 years and now it's gone.

I need to get it replaced but oh my god, having to deal with healthcare in the UK simply drives me crazy. I'm probably gonna fly home over Christmas but it may be too late then.


On another note, I met a new student from Singapore, also at Magdalene, today. It was nice speaking Singlish for the first time in almost two months (not counting my conversations with my parents during which I try my best to speak entirely in Mandarin but of course, I don't always succeed). He was easy to talk to, very Singaporean which was cute, and I sensed he's experiencing a bit of a culture shock which may or may not wear off, depending on the person. I think the fact that I moved to London, where nobody cares where you're from, on my first move away from home helped me adjust to a new country really quickly. If I'd moved to Cambridge... I mean, I still can't get over this faux-posh thing and the self-importance of some people. If that had been my first contact with the UK, I think I would have been quite miserable. So once again, I'm so happy that I didn't get into the LLM programme here; knowing myself, there would've been absolutely nothing that could've made me give up a chance to study at Cambridge.

I bought a plastic shelf of drawers for my bathroom from Wilko for 10 pounds. It's great. Apparently I am supposed to ask housekeeping for permission to buy furniture which is rather ridiculous considering that I am paying freaking 600 pounds a month in rent and they couldn't even furnish me with two fucking cabinets or shelves. So I'm sorry but sod off. On the other hand, I'm thankful that the Maintenance department has a really nice and helpful woman working there; she takes her job seriously and doesn't make you feel like she's doing you a favour by doing her job. I love her. I'm also glad that they're gonna come and fix the long mirror that I nicked from the previous house (the mirror was left by one of my housemates anyway) to the wall so that I can actually see my entire body in the mirror and not the body sans head.

Also, I received an email from housekeeping about my shoes which I keep outside my room because, being Asian/Singaporean/Chinese/I dunno, I hate shoes in the room. I find it so fucking disgusting that I can't understand how people can walk around their rooms with their shoes on - which is pretty much what everyone does here. Apparently, the shoe are a fire hazard and whatever and they can't be obstructing a communal area, so I have move them to my room.

It may be an entirely reasonable request, except the email wasn't addressed to me. It wasn't even addressed to anyone. This is the email:

Please note that we have seen a large amount of shoes in the communal hallway area outside the shared bathroom in Brights G. It is assumed that these belong to you.... College rules clearly state that items are not to be left in the communal areas of houses/staircases. It breaches both your rooms contract and Fire and Safety Regulations. I would ask you to remove these shoes to your own room.

It was clearly not written by a lawyer. I would have pointed the recipient to the exact section of the contract and quoted the college rules, with special emphasis on the salient portions of the said rules. But we can't all be anal retentive bastards, which is fair enough; but why can't we at least be polite enough to say 'Dear [recipient]'? Is there a reason for this display of lack of respect?

The thing about being a 30-year-old student living in college is that sometimes, I cannot fathom why I am living in a college in a university instead of a swanky apartment and driving a nice car.

The area outside my room is communal only insofar as there is a shared bathroom right outside my room (which means that I get woken up sometimes when my corridor mates use the bathroom at like 3am because of the sound of the door opening, etc). I realised that people need the space to walk, and so I have taken care to jam my shoes against the wall as far as possible. They are certainly not strewn about the doorway and they do not obstruct a person's path from the bathroom door to the outer door that leads the said person out to the corridor.

I have also just looked at my contract - twice - and it does not state anywhere that I cannot leave items in the communal areas.

A part of me feels like challenging this; this is the lawyer part. But the rest of me - the conflict-avoiding person that I fundamentally am - can't really be arsed. I will be super grossed out by the shoes in my room, but I could figure out something and I will get used to it.

It's funny how I left shoes outside my room all the time in the two previous houses and no one said anything. Bleah. This is so annoying. Sometimes I feel so diminished as a mature person that I am subjected to these...rules. Why didn't I get the scholarship? If I'd gotten it, I would've moved the hell out of college.

Anyway. So the weird drilling/sawing noise from last night is back again and it's freaking 1.01am. It is so annoying.

On a happier note, I played tennis with Chen. It was mostly fine. I think my forehand is now better, certainly more consistent, than my backhand. I just can't get my feet in position fast enough to hit the backhand properly; but when I do, wow, the feeling is amazing.

I may buy a bike off Raffael for the sole purpose of cycling to tennis. I need to play more tennis.

I got annoyed towards the end of tennis though, no thanks to this guy playing next to me who fucking grunted damn loudly with every single shot. Dude, you're not Rafael Nadal; stop being such a poser. I just can't bloody take seriously public park players who grunt on every single shot as if they are really exerting that much energy playing in a public park, five minutes after getting on court. He also kept talking to his partner and it was just distracting and annoying.

Other than that, tennis was great.

I also met up with Barry. We had a walk and he's convinced that Matt fancies me. He was also convinced that this random Chinese guy who turned back to hold the door open at Sainsbury's did a double take because he was checking me out, but I totally wasn't aware of anything, so I think he was just imagining things.

Okay, this entry has gone to the dogs. I just signed up for beginners' French class. Yay.

This drilling is not stopping. What the fuck!?
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