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Yesterday was the CCA open house. Walked around with Sakurai for a bit and when we reached the IT Club booth, I scribbled my name on the sign-up list.</p>

Sakurai's reaction: You're really becoming a geek man! Are you doing it for him?

'Him' as in Mr. Nerd.

I replied, "Of course not!"

Stupid Sakurai. What has signing up for IT Club got anything to do with Mr. Nerd?! He's a nerd, not a geek!

Then we ran into this Year 2 girl who's really nice, and Sakurai told her that I signed up for IT Club, and the Year 2 girl stared at me as though I were some freak from outerspace, like, "ARE YOU INSANE??? IT CLUB????"

Bwahahahaha. I'm genuinely interested in the thing. I mean, think about it. You get to spend your Wednesday afternoon surfing the net. How cool is that? And HTML is really cool too and I'd love to learn more.

Of course, I don't really know what the hell they do. The CCA can turn out to be really crummy and nerdy and geeky and full of retards whom I can't stand to be with. If that's the case, I'd just quit. Simple as that.

And anyway, I signed up for Alumni Connection too, primarily because Triaz is in it and he kept asking me to sign up so I gave in in the end. Mel's joining it too, as is Mr. Nsync. So I'd have friends there.

Besides, one apparently gets quite a lot of CCA points in there.

I'm thinking fuck council but argh. I still don't know.

Anyway, I was in a downright crappy mood for the first few periods, and the crappiness only lifted during Literature class. It was practical criticism and the teacher let us read an excerpt (?) of Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech. There's this paragraph that made use of pathetic fallacy and imageries of nature, levelling mountains and straightening slopes, that is obviously used as a metaphor that he had a dream of a world where all men are equal. So some guy in class was like, "'Cher*, why does he talk about nature in the fourth paragraph?"

The teacher asked him to give his own interpretation. He was off about how it's difficult to change natural landforms and landscapes, and perhaps it's to say that it's hard to change human nature overnight.

Definitely valid, mind you, but I disagreed vehemently and I was waving my hand frantically, trying to catch the teacher's attention, and when she finally acknowledged me and I went off about the metaphor thing I mentioned, halfway through my ramble she was nodding her head, as if saying, "Yes, spot-on."

I really love Literature classes. I don't feel stupid in it at all. And everything taught by the teachers interest me, and I'm inspired by the lessons taught.

I don't get that in GP, Maths, Economics and History.

Chinese is a different story. It's my language. And ever since writing a rather fluent entry for my weekly Chinese journal (required by teacher) and being praised by the teacher for it, it doesn't daunt me that much anymore. Plus I'm reading manga beyond Slam Dunk and they're all in Chinese, so yes, I suppose I'm finally embracing the damn language.

Five minutes to Saiyuki. I love that show. I love Genjo Sanzo. But anyway. I ran into Mr. Nerd in the photostating (sp) room in the library today. Said 'hey', blah blah, you having free period now?, yes, you?, yes, okay then, I'll go first, bye, and then I was left by myself in the photo-stating room.

I um. Still kind of like him. I don't know why. I was in a really moody funk then and I suppose seeing him was nice, although it didn't do much to lift my mood like it would have in the past.

Still, he's reeeeeally kakkoi!


*cher: Short for 'teacher'.

Tags: crushes, friends, haojun, junior college, literature, mel

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