anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

just ignore this shit

I've discovered new manga to obsess over. And guess what? They're both by the guy who brought me Slam Dunk: Takehiko Inoue.

He's awesome! I love "Real" and "Vagabond"! They rock! The wheelchair guy in "Real" is so goddamn kakkoi that I could faint by just looking at him! Why? Because he looks so damn much like my darling Mitsui!

"Real" is about wheelchair basketball, in a nutshell, and "Vagabond" is set in the samurai era and it is a very bloody, literary, manga, but then, the main guy's reeeally cute. AND he appears naked! Bwahahahahaha.

I so have to get my hands on volume 2 of both series!

Uh, yeah. Anyway. Today was boring and I went to this hyper mart near my house with my mom and got some stuff, mainly the bloody Maths files for my classmates. They cost 95 cents each. How the fuck am I supposed to collect 95 cents?!

And um. Yeah. Nothing else.


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