anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

and on and on the stupid fucking pointless insipid story goes

Wasn't going to do this but what the hell.

My legs are aching from P.E. I hate P.E. But we shan't get into that right now.

I'm seriously fucked in the head. It's not enough that I have three on-going fics that are nowhere near completion; I had to start on another one last night. And I was so obsessed with it the entire day that I couldn't listen during Economics lecture. I was thinking rubbish along the lines of, "What should I name my OC (original character)? Should she be two years or a year older than Rukawa? Should I write humour and ruin my reputation on or just stick to angst, the thing I do best?"

On and on it went. What a waste of time. And I didn't really get the things covered in lecture today. And I was so worn out from P.E., nevermind that a few periods have passed in between. And lunch totally sucked. I don't think I'd ever have a nice lunch for the next year and a half of my life in JJC. I'm too lazy to queue and the food doesn't appeal to me anymore.

It's times like these that actually make me nostalgic for St. Nicholas. And I really hate that school.

Anyway, Ben, I know you're reading. I don't have time to reply to your email right now. But I read them. All four of them. Thanks a lot. And Just A Stranger, if you're reading, I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can. Maybe during the next GP class in the computer room.

Damn, I should've done the emails today. Was busy surfing during GP in the computer room. Didn't really give a shit about what was going on in class.

Oh, and I volunteered for some plain speaking competition. Why? I want the points, of course. Duh.

Time for dinner. Woo.

Tags: fanfiction, friends, junior college

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