anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,


Let me just add a short thing.

I got Real #2. Woo hoo. Couldn't find Vagabond #2 in the rental place. Fucking wankers. What do they want from me? Blood?

And school sucked. Literature was great though, as usual. Today was Othello, the cool teacher's class. He was tremendously impressed when I was like, "[Othello] flaunts his education" when the cool teacher wanted to know what Iago implied when he mimicked Othello's outburst in Latin.

God, am I goddamn genius or what?

I feel like I'm being bitten by mosquitoes. I probably am.

I called Mr. Nerd last night to ask for help regarding Economics and that idiot actually knew what he was talking about. I would give anything, really anything, to know the things that he does without studying but that is impossible, as we all know. Which sucks. But such is life so yeah.

Have to go for dinner.

Tags: haojun, junior college, literature

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