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interesting relevations and more jjc-related rantings

Talking on MSN as we speak.

Talking to Yunnie in one window and to that new cute kid in my class in the other one. Let's just call him The New Kid for convenience's sake.

So I kind of have the impression that The New Kid's kind of a quiet guy, but oddly enough, he's talking quite a bit on MSN. I mean, it's understandable that, you know, it's easier to spew shit online than face-to-face, but still! It's surprising! In school my relationship with him (so to speak) goes something like this:

[In the canteen, early in the morning before school starts. The New Kid is sleeping. The Genius (me) saunters in, spots The New Kid sleeping. She sits at the table in front of him. She decides not to bother him. A few minutes to assembly time, and...]

The Genius: (touching The New Kid on the arm) Hey, time for assembly.

[The New Kid wakes up. Looks at The Genius in surprise. And The Genius walks off.]

And that's about it. For the entire day. And our MSN conversation started out like this:

Me: i know your status is 'busy', but if you're wondering who i am, it's [yelen].

Me: from school?

The New Kid: oh hi

The New Kid: no i'm not busy

The New Kid: n thnx for waking me up 2day

Me: haha no problem

Me: hey can change your font?

Me: my eyesight not that goodx

The New Kid: will dis do?


Me: thanks

The New Kid: haha ok

Me: do you always sleep in the canteen every morning?

The New Kid: kind of

Me: what the...

Me: what kind of? yes no?

The New Kid: sumtimes

Me: so like you reach school really early or something?

The New Kid: erm my dad fetches me to skool everyday so basically i dun really ve a choice

Me: oh. where do you live anyway?

The New Kid: [insert location]

Me: u? u also come to school very early rite?

Me: 7.30 usually. today saw you sleeping so i sat down at the table in front. then it was like, about time to go. so i woke u up. yep

The New Kid: oh ok

The conversation quickly progressed though. I started acting spastic, going off about what a genius I am, usual crap like that, and he went off about other stuff, and it got better.

Did I ever mention that he's kind of cute? Yeah, he is. He's tall too! Woo!

Seriously, I am just kidding.

Anyway, it was nice talking to Yunnie again after so long. She's at SRJC and her canteen food sounds tons better than mine. Which is unfair. And she ends at 3 on Fridays. Which is even more unfair. I end at bloody 5.15, which means no hanging out after that. Where's my social life, huh?

On the up side, we have a rooftop cafe at JJC and it's air-conditioned. I'm planning to go there during my free period tomorrow and read Act One of "Othello".

The down side is, The New Kid told me that one of our classmates said the coffee sucks. Which is really fucking stupid, for what the hell's the point of having a cafe if the coffee is bad? And the place is pricey as well. Which is even more fucking stupid. We're students at JJC. We're not talking about ACJC (where all the rich kids are and where I was rejected, those idiots), but JJC.

Not that we're not as good as them. No, that can't be any further from the truth, especially since I'm a student at JJC. Wherever I am, the place is gonna soar like crazy. But seriously, JJC students, generally, aren't rich kids. I am not a rich kid, and I think I'm considered better-off than a lot of them.

So it doesn't make sense to have a cafe with cafe-y prices in a school where the students aren't all that loaded.

But who ever said school makes the slightest bit of sense?

Take today, for instance. Did I know what in the bleeding world was going on during Maths lecture? No.

Fuck! Saiyuki is starting! I shan't continue that train of thought then. Bye bye!

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