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this is not PMS.

What the fuck. I just read this long entry in Renei's journal. She's this girl who writes - used to write - in category 801 of The Slam Dunk category, you moron. She's taken down all her fics. So has Shari, Lambie and unchained.

Don't know who they are? Get lost.

Seriously, this is fucking stupid. Not the fact that they've taken down their fics, mind you. It was a personal decision and although I regret that tremendously, I respect it. It's the fact that they did it because of one idiot. Eliar Swiftfire.

Oh my fucking god. What the fuck man, he's such a bastard and I never knew. To think I actually thought he was sincere when he praised my fics. For crying out loud, I write better than that guy and I bloody know it. And he said that review count doesn't matter to him? What a piece of shit lie. He went around reviewing other people's fics just to have them review his. And he gets about 40+ reviews per chapter. Why? Because his fic used to be controversial, that's bleeding why. And it's not enough? Come on. I have to contend with like five reviews per chapter and do you see me giving the slightest shit? I thought the whole purpose of writing is just that, for the fun of it. To express yourself and your love for the fandom. But no. Apparently it's for the reviews. It's for the fans'/non-fans' reactions. It's to achieve 400+ fics and still wish you'd get a fucking thousand.

That guy needs to get a damn life.

Whatever. I'm not going to waste any more of my time writing about this stupid thing. I just know that I'm definitely going to miss their fics and their presence in category 801.

God, I wish that idiot doesn't even exist! And there I was, thinking that I'd have a great time in Bleah.

Moving on now. I finished my Golden Point Award fic.

Fuck. I never mentioned it here. It's this writing competition held in Singapore that's opened to everyone, regardless of age. I stand no chance of winning a prize but what the hell. My story totally sucks but what the hell. I'm submitting the damn thing.

Seriously, the story sucks. I kind of took the easy way out with the ending and cooked up this huge moral crap that is really stupid and lousy and crappy. But I actually finished the thing before the dateline I set for myself (April 30) and I'm proud of that, so whatever.

If I sound like I'm PMS-ing right now, I'm sorry. I just feel like writing this way. I'm not really pissed off or anything, save for the ordeal, but that's another thing.

Anyway, went to school today for CCA. Alumni Connections. Something or other. Played games. I got wet. I also skinned my elbows and knees. Had to crawl on the track and the rubber was scorching hot. I almost died.

Mr. Nsync asked me a funny question. He asked me if I was going to watch X-Men 2. Out of nowhere. We were sitting in a circle in the morning during the first bit of the programme, and he suddenly turned to face me and asked, "Hey, are you going to watch X-Men 2?"

I replied, "Yeah. Why? Has it opened?"

He said, "No, I don't think so. When are you going to watch it."

I said, "Um, I don't know. When I'm free, I guess."

And that was it. He just asked it out of nowhere. Which is weird.

I'd really kill to see the day when he confesses his love for me. Hahaha. I mean, Mr. Nsync is... different from most guys, I guess. He has a job. He's two years older. And he's smart. He's very individualistic and he won't let anything or anyone get in his way.

At least, that's the impression I have of him. He'd go all the way to get what he wants.

And I think that's. Really cool. It's what I say, but the difference between the two of us is that he's talk AND action whereas I'm all talk and not much else.

But back to Mr. Nsync's love for me. It's non-existent. He's just a friend.

Though I seriously wonder about the X-Men thing.

Why wasn't it Mr. Nerd though!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah. I forgot. He doesn't watch movies.

Man, I miss that guy. I really do. I miss his company. I miss his lame remarks and crappy jokes. I even miss his patronising tone when he tells me dumb things like, "Oi you have to study" blah blah blah.

I just MISS him.


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