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things to laugh at

Read this.

I find that I like getting bad reviews. It's fun. Really. Makes me laugh. And to flaunt it is another great thing to do altogether.

I'm deaf in my right ear as we speak as I accidentally sprayed water into it while showering and I tell you, it's tres annoying.

Anyway, back to the review.

Question. When did the phrase 'spew shit' come into the english language? Did I sleep through that slang class?

Gee, I guess it's a Singaporean thing then. You know, what kids like me say when we're not sure whether to go American or Singlish? So it's like an in-between thing? Or wait! I know! Maybe, just maybe, it's one of those things that doesn't and shouldn't make sense? God. I truly wonder.

You put down a lot of people, even your so-called friends. Maybe it's the 'cool' thing to do, but from an outsiders point of view, you come off as a bitch. You go to a friend for help with homework, and you call him an idiot. Someone doesn't know something you know, and they are stupid.

This reviewer really didn't get it. And I don't blame her. I don't expect anyone to get the kind of weird relationship I have or don't have with Mr. Nerd. I mean, I call him an 'idiot' for the fun of it, and it's all done in jest, every single bit. Of course he's not an idiot. He could even be smarter than me.

Then again, on second thought, no. He's not. But he's smart. And I was the one not knowing the Economics content. I don't know where she got the idea that I knew about demand curves and substitutes and complements and how they're related and he doesn't. The last I checked, the guy is in Year 2, he is doing crazily well in his studies and he is more learned than me when it comes to the study of Economics and all things wonderful. And the putting down friends thing? Again, all in jest. I would never call my friends 'idiots' and mean it.

Especially not Mr. Nerd. That kawaii baka.

While it's a typical teenage thing to make fun of your teachers, you really shouldn't talk, miss 'spew shit, um right, um yeah anyway'. It's one thing to say those things, but you write them throughout your diary.

I don't suppose she read the rest of the entry, but I think I did state that I wasn't proud of myself for it. Wait, let me check.

Yes, I did. I said, "It's not very nice but you gotta take into consideration my state of mind then. I was tired, pissed off, irritated and I couldn't care less about Singapore's butt-fucking boring history. Been doing that since primary school and I'm sick of it. So naturally I needed something to amuse myself with."

In simpler English, I only laughed because I wasn't in a good mood. Under normal circumstances, I would be laughing at the guys who could find something so stupid funny.

And the 'spew shit um anyway uh yeah anyway yes yeah' thingy, whatever. Like, yeah. You know. Yeah. Sure.

You do write well. You can put sentences together, puncuation is close to perfection, grammar isn't bad.

I'm not sure what a 'puncuation' is. I think she meant 'punctuation'. But guess what? I already bleeding know. Thank you very much anyway.

I have a feeling if you tapped into your emotional side a little more, this could be a great diary with the way you write.

Yes, and I'm sure you'll know that by reading twenty entries. Yep. Definitely perceptive, all right.

And that, my dear readers, is the biggest gripe I had with the review. The person read twenty whopping entries and could tell what sort of person I am. Riiiiight. GBM gave me a much more scathing panning of my wonderful masterpiece and I thanked the person for it. My sitemeter registered about 200+ page views that day. Which means that reviewer put in effort in that review.

And I find nothing wrong with that.

But yeah whatever anyway um yes so yeah I'm going to watch Gilmore Girls in a bit and I've been pretty much annoyed the entire day and I don't really know why so maybe it is PMS but I seriously wouldn't know.



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