anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

i could just MARRY mr. nerd

Today was um. Interesting. And I think Mr. Nerd has got to be one of the nicest person I've ever met. Seriously. I messaged him late last night asking him to teach me binomial as I was going crazy with not knowing the crap on my page, and he actually complied. So I spent an hour and a half or so today from 5+ to 6.30 sitting at the rooftop cafe with Mr. Nerd, going through the binomial crap.

I feel sorry for him. He had to tolerate my dumbness when it comes to Maths. I'm surprised he didn't blow up at me.

Yeah, I need to send a 'thank you' SMS cos I forgot to say it before he left.

You see, the things is, I decided I needed to do something about my inability to understand the chapters beyond partial fractions. And I'd die before torturing myself by sludging through a horrible extra-class thing with my Maths tutor. Don't get me wrong; she's a nice teacher and I like her.

But please. Want a good example of the difference between heaven and hell? Just put Mr. Nerd in the picture and take out my Maths tutor.

When we were walking out of the school though I didn't have much to say and neither did he. I was in this funky state of mind... okay. Not funky. But I was just... feeling weird. I had like a slice of bread and one piece of cake for lunch, for goodness sake.

So that was kind of strange. The walk out, that is.

I'm not sure if I understood the things that he said though. I'd have to confront my Binomial bloody assignment to find out.

Right now I'm full of love and light and happiness and all things nice towards Mr. Nerd. He's a genuinely nice character.

And no. I did not not notice how cute he is.

Though it doesn't matter much anymore. It doesn't matter to me.

I think.

Anyway, I went for IT Club meeting and I almost pissed my pants with surpressed laughter. Firstly, I walked into the room ten minutes late and as I scanned the place for a seat, all I could see was a sea of male faces. I'm not kidding. There must've been less than seven females there, including myself and the teacher.

Of course, I was surprised. Shocked, even. I've never been in a small room full of guys before, if memory serves. And that was just like, 'Whoa. Am I in the right bloody place?'

Secondly, here's a secret: The stereotypes that you hear about IT Club? They are all true. I am not kidding. The nerdy bespectacled guy thing? The room was rampant with them, with the exception of this dude beside me. A guy, of course. What didja expect?

And I almost bolted out of the room when some Year 1 dude called out, "Do we get to design computer games?"

That was also the part where I almost, nearly, pissed my pants with surpressed laughter.

I really wanted to laugh. But I didn't. I was by myself and it would be kinda weird to suddenly laugh to myself, right? Out loud somemore? Yeah. I think so too.

Now, the upside is, they're doing Photoshop next week. As in, Photo-fucking-shop. Which means I'll be seeing my new-found nerd friends again. Woo hoo.

Yeah right. As if I talked to any of them. Except the guy beside me and some Year 2 guy when I asked some questions.

Yes, so the morals of today's entry?

1. Mr. Nerd is a saint.

2. IT Club stereotypes are true.

Lesson learnt. Thank you and goodbye.

Tags: crushes, haojun, junior college, mathematics

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