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I have an Econs essay due on Monday on the demand of desktop computers. I have an Econs test next Thursday on supply and demand. I have a Literature test next Saturday on Act One of "Othello". I have a Maths quiz on binomial on Friday. I have a Chinese test two weeks later. Another Literature test three weeks later.

Out of all of that, I'm only looking forward to the Literature test. Call me crazy, but I'm seeing it as my chance at last to prove to everybody what a genius I am. Everyone would know once I get the highest mark in the entire level.

Bwahahahaha. I think I may even surpass the Year Twos. This is JJC we're talking about here after all.

Then again, I take that back. I don't want to be overly-confident just to fumble at crunch time.

Speaking of crunch time, my beloved Sacramento Kings advances to the next round, the first team to reach Round Two of the NBA play-offs. The down bleeding side is, the stupid Lakers go through as well. Gad, I was wishing the Minnesota Timberwolves would smother them or something. I mean, Kevin Garnett is amazing. But they only have one Garnett, while the Lakers have Bryant and O'Neal.

Utterly overrated team, the Lakers. I really despise them.

Watched the '95 film version of "Othello" yesterday evening. Man, it was a great film. It's made my understanding of the play that much richer. Granted, I haven't read the whole thing yet, not even Act One (whoever's willing to read Shakespeare must be out of his/her mind), but I mean that, you know, I finally know what the whole thing is about. I think Desdemona is irritating. And Othello seems too righteous and... I don't know, straight for jealousy to be the cause of his downfall. It just seemed too easy to me. And guess who I like? Iago! That dude's cool, I tell you. He's conniving and manipulative and shrewd and sooo deliciously evil. He even murdered his wife.

My gripe with the play/film is that Desdemona's death scene wasn't bloody enough. In fact, it wasn't bloody, period. Othello merely smothered her with a pillow. Big bleeding whoop. I wanted something more graphic, considering it is Shakespeare after all, and that guy was never the poster child of reality. This may come as a shock to those who don't study his works, but there is a lot of sex in the things that he writes. He isn't all literary and pure and bullshitty. In fact, some of the things he writes are downright filth. Just read Act One Scene One of "Othello", the exchange between Desdemona's dad (I forgot how to spell his name) and Roderigo and Iago and note how Iago described Othello and Desdemona's love-making.

Of course, you must have a pretty pornographic imagination. Or else you wouldn't get it. A lot of my classmates didn't. Bwahahaha.

Right. Anyway. I absolutely loved the last episode of Saiyuki. Homura shouldn't have died in my opinion but I guess he had to or the world would've been in total chaos and Sanzo-sama wouldn't be able to save the day anymore. And did I ever mention how much I adore Sanzo-sama? I do. He's gorgeous. He's such a bitch too. I love his attitude and his cynicism (which is even worse than mine) and he has a serious attitude problem which is so sexy and awesome. And he has the prettiest violet eyes.

Still, Hisashi-kun is my one and only soulmate and I'm still in love with him. Yes.

I think I know why I'm still rather fixated with Mr. Nerd. It's because he doesn't like me back. Which makes him unattainable. Which forces me to go into some emotional suffering mind-frame. Which means I'd get drama in my life, somehow.

And I really, really need drama right now. Non-academic drama, that is.

As a form of warped self-validation, my perpetual crush on Mr. Nerd pleases me right now.

Weird? I suppose so.

But then, I've always been so.

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