anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

No words to describe how tired I am.

You know life is quite sad if you go out for a movie with your boyfriend at the end of the day despite the fact that you are ABSOLUTELY knackered, because you don't know when is the next time you'd be relatively (note - RELATIVELY) free to watch a movie with him, much less a movie the two of you said you'd watch together.

I think maybe the legal profession has to take a long hard look in the mirror and do some self-reflection, think about why the drop out rate is so high, why people would rather open cake shops and become teachers than to stay in the profession. The only people that stay in the long run fall into two categories: They genuinely love the profession, or they genuinely love the money.

If you care for neither, or if your exhaustion outweighs either (probably the money part; passion can overcome a lot of things), then you'd fall in line with the trite and tested rule.

My only consolation in all this is that I'm not the only one. And that there's a light at the end of the tunnel, and it's approaching faster than I think.


I love Wei Chuen. He came out to watch the show with me even though he has to read some Gilette case for his business law class (I feel sorry for him, that he has to take this crap) for tomorrow morning. That's damn early in the morning.

I love him very much.


I am so tired. I'm going to watch TV for five minutes, eat my tomatoes, eat my glucosamine, and go to bed.


I HATE not being able to eat at home, hate eating outside food all the time, and I SWEAR I'm fucking putting on weight. I repulse myself so much, it's not even funny.

Tags: legal profession, pupillage, rant, wei chuen

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