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The ACS(I) Idiot is reading this. Bwahahahahahahaha. He's funny. His hair never fails to crack me and Mel up. Like, this one time in Econs lecture? He sauntered in with his friends and his hair was flat. Mel and I saw and we just cracked up, catching almost everyone's attention. And Mel's always saying things like, "Hey, the ACS(I) Idiot's hair is up today."

"Up"! God, I adore her choice of words.

Yeah. Anyway. I have nothing to say. I just wanted to laugh at the ACS(I) Idiot. You love the alias don't you! Future boss, my ass. Get over yourself lah egomaniac.

Aha. Real Madrid's playing Juventus in a little more than two hours' time. This is crucial. It's their last chance to advance to the final of the champions league. And they're playing like crap nowadays. They bloody tied with some crappy Spanish team. 0-0. What the fuck is that?

But I can't be bothered to watch the match 'cause I want my beauty sleep. It's Vesak Day today so no school so I can sleep so I want to make full use of it.

I was planning to finish my stupid arithmetic/geometric progression assignment. But yeah. I'm here. Talking to people. So yeah.

I've figured out why I threw two temper tantrums over the past few days. It's PMS. I got my bloody period (hahahahaha, bloody period, get it?) yesterday.

I find that I take the easy way out with a lot of things sometimes. Even with writing. The fic that I'm entering for a competition? The ending was pathetic. I went on this moral pedestal and preached this meaningless crap that probably wouldn't make sense to anyone 'cause even I myself don't get it. And why did I do that? I wanted to finish the thing so that I can edit and make it really good.

But it just so happens that I haven't touched in in weeks. And the competition dateline is the 23rd of this month.

I can blame it on school but the fact is, I'm too fricken lazy.

And that's taking the easy way out too.

Anyway. Maybe I will watch the match. It's a big match. And I don't have to wake up early. I won't get this chance anymore.

But I need to do my schoolwork.

Ack. Fuck it.

Tags: football, junior college, wei chuen

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