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Two pieces of amazing news:

1. The San Antonio Spurs eliminated the LA Fakers from the NBA play-offs. Game Six was played today. Final score? 110-82. Kobe Bryant was nailed to a mere twenty points. He usually rakes in at least thirty. A lot of time he scores over forty. I wonder who defended him. That guy is a genius.

2. More importantly, MY KINGS DID NOT LOSE! Which means they're still in the play-offs. They beat the Mavericks 115-109. Peja Stojakovic contributed twenty-four points and ten rebounds and made half of his three-pointers. I am so relieved... Hopefully they'll win Game Seven and eliminate the Mavericks. I can't stand them.

Anyway. Real Madrid lost to Juventus. They're out of the champions league. I watched 35 minutes of the match. They played quite badly. It's obvious to anyone. Juventus's attack was far more superior. Bunch of idiots, my team. But they're still damn good.

Gotta rush this. I got 38/50 for my rubbish GP essay. It came as a real shock because I genuinely believed - and still believe - that the essay was total, utter crap. The annoying 9-pointer in my class got 10. Bwahahahahahahaha.

Um. Yeah. Gotta go.

Tags: football, grades, junior college, nba

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