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Ever since I bloggged about leaving work at five minutes to midnight and reaching home at 12.20 a.m., I literally haven't had a single day in which I'm free from work.

Friday - left at 9-something PM.
Saturday - went back at 2.50, left at 10.30
Today - went back at 4, left at 5 minutes to midnight.

What I'm writing about now is plainly unsustainable. The thought of doing this for the rest of the month is enough to make me die a little bit inside. Hats off, really, to the people who remain in the profession and are still alive to tell the tale; because quite frankly, I have grave doubts (not to mention severe misgivings) as to how I'm gonna do this beyond pupillage.

I am this close to beyond exhausted. I am literally counting down every single day to the end of pupillage - that's how bad it is. I don't think people should be made to work these kind of hours, because we're not cats; we have one life, and that's it.

I mean, great for you if it's what you want, but if it's not, then you end up wondering what the hell you're working so hard for.

Oh well.

On a brighter note, my boyfriend is absolutely amazing. He waited for an hour for me last night to pick me up and followed me home where he stayed for a while, despite barely sleeping at 8, waking up at 11.30, and staying out the whole day.

I love him very much. We haven't fought in about two weeks! What an incredible achievement.


Damn. Sleepy.


Tennis on Saturday was great, if only because I finally put aside my fear of the overhead serve and tried it out again. AND IT WENT AMAZING. If I keep that up, the serve might actually be my best shot.
Tags: legal profession, playing tennis, pupillage, wei chuen, work

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