anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Tired max.

I left work five minutes before midnight, reached home twenty minutes past midnight, and refused to go to bed even though I'm absolutely knackered because I need my day to be still my day, however illusory, however desperate.

Yep, this is not going to be the rest of my life. I can tolerate it as something temporary, but that's about it.

I'm pretty sure I want to get a Masters degree. Probably an LLM. Preferably in Columbia if I have to go to the States. Number 1 preference is somewhere European (if only because I can go around Europe) but that's flexible.

Anyway, I ate some biscuits and a Kit-Kat Chunky for "dinner" and felt nauseous from lack of food a few minutes ago.

I am very tired.

Was supposed to get my ASOS dresses from Wei Chuen but yeah, that didn't happen.

Gonna shower and sleep. I'm half-dead.

I'm very sad I can't watch Roger's match with Ernests Gulbis live. He's up 6-2. He totally demolished his first two opponents. Currently downloading matches. Yay. Don't understand why SuperSports is carrying Brisbane and Chennai when the #1 and #2 players are in Qatar. Roger and Nadal are possibly meeting for the first time since Madrid last year and I don't get to watch it live? Fucking epic fail, StarHub. Fuck.

And their delayed telecasts of selected BPL matches better not fuck with my tennis. That's all I have to say. Bad enough I don't get Wimbledon; would bust a vein or two if live tennis is sacrified for DELAYED FOOTBALL. That'd be fucking ridiculous.

Okay shower.

Tags: ernests gulbis, llm, pupillage, qatar open, roger federer, wei chuen

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