anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Doing Something Nice

I went for my caffeine fix at 2.15pm, and the second Matt saw me, his face broke into a huge smile.

He came over and said, 'I read your card; it was very sweet of you and it really made my day. It made me really happy.'

How cute was that, right? I said, 'Aw, I'm glad! Well you made me happy over the summer, so...'

Then he said he'd get me coffee, and while making my coffee, he said, 'And hey, congratulations [on passing the first year assessment]!' Then in a conspiratorial tone: 'What mark did you get?'

He told me that he didn't like uni very much and he preferred working, which he was already doing then. There were people around, so I just took my (free!) coffee and left.

'See you soon!' he said.


Like I told Mag, I'm happy to just leave it at that. As much as I think he's super adorable, I know, too, that he's not my type (and perhaps vice versa), so why even try? I've tried with people who weren't my type in the past and I ended up breaking up with them for the very reasons of 'not my type'-ness of which I was already aware at the beginning, but which I overlooked just because I felt like acting on an impulse, for an instant gratification, because I didn't learn from my mistakes.

I am 30, so it's time to grow up and learn from my mistakes. Don't go out with people who aren't my type. That's not difficult, is it?


On a related note, it's quite underrated, how nice it feels to bring some small joy into someone else's life. I wanted to do this not because I was trying to goad him into asking me out or anything like that, but just because I think people don't tell others enough how they have made a difference in their lives, however little; and that it's just nice when someone tells you that you made a difference in their lives. I like giving friends postcards once in a while, definitely birthday cards, because people that I care about should be told and reminded that I care about them.

I know that I don't know Matt very well, but does that matter? All that matters is that, five days a week for six weeks, I left my coffee place feeling happy because he was very nice and cute, and it brightened up an otherwise dreary day of banging out my paper in the library. I wanted him to know that, and now he does, so yay!


I am SO HUNGRY! The flat white he made today was especially good (and not just because it was free). But the coffee there is quite strong so now I am hungry, and so I shall go cook something.
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