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I am back in Singapore for six weeks. I took a 10.05pm flight; and now I think I have found the perfect flight home. There was no line at baggage drop, the waiting area was empty, and I slept pretty much throughout the entire flight (though that says nothing about the quality of sleep) because it was midnight UK time when food service was over; in other words, bed time. I also arrive in Singapore more or less in time to sleep, and I am sufficiently tired now to sleep properly tonight, I think.

The downside was that my digestion was all messed up and I spent the flight with an intermittent stomach ache. Neither the 8pm dinner that I had (Mexican breakfast, vegetarian) nor the food that I was served on the flight helped very much. The movies that I tried to watch were abysmal as well, a couple of French movies, the first of which was a lame kiddy show and the other was boring. Hence, after writing the introduction of the paper that I have been wanting to write for the past few months, I popped in the earphones and listened to Britney Spears' new album, Glory. And that was basically me for most of the flight. I tried to switch it up with a random Franz Ferdinand album but it was awful. I also tried to watch season 5 of Person of Interest but I found myself falling asleep and so I gave in to the fatigue.

(Side note: Glory is almost as good as Blackout. But since Blackout is the consummate dance/pop album, perfect from start to finish, Glory can only be almost as good as Blackout. But it's really pretty damn good. I wasn't impressed when I previewed songs on iTunes, but listening to the songs in full definitely convinced me. I like the mix of different styles and am glad that, contrary to my initial perception, the whole album isn't full of breathy/floaty songs like Invitation, Make Me and Slumber Party. I really like Do You Wanna Come Over? and Hard to Forget Ya.)

Towards the end of the flight, I watched Tout de suite maintenant. If it's possible for a movie to be bloated and hollow at the same time, then this movie is it. The characters' motivations don't make sense, there is barely a storyline, and yet the movie seems to take itself seriously. It's bizarrely classed as a comedy but there was nothing comedic about it. Maybe it's weird French humour. But I've seen 'weird French humour' done in an entertaining and humorous way. This movie was just a waste of time.

Anyway, I really want to sleep soon, so... I had a fun weekend. I went to BA on Friday at Arthur's behest, and despite a slow start to my social skills (I was really tired), it turned out fun. Arthur is great to talk to.

After BA, I met this Tinder date for drinks. He was late but I didn't mind, seeing as he acceded to my request to meet somewhere close to Magdalene. I expected to spend a couple of hours with him and then go home and sleep; in the end, he walked me home at 2am. We went to 2648 first, had a couple of cocktails, then went to this other bar just at the next street with a live band and had a couple more drinks.

He was really funny. He made me laugh. We also had serious conversations. Then we started judging people at the second place, such as this fat guy who was dancing by himself (but later we agreed that he had some really good moves), and a bunch of townies who wore these loose-fitting, garish Christmas jumpers. 'How much would I have to pay you to wear one of those?' he asked, gesturing at this guy wearing a red jumper with a snowman or a penguin (I forget which) on the front.

I looked at it, thought for a while, and said, 'I think I can pull that off.'

He agreed. 'Classy people usually can.'

Moments later, his face was mere inches away from mine, and I acquiesced when he kissed me.

He was in Seoul last weekend (piggybacking on his business trip to Shanghai) and he got me a gift. I thought it was really sweet. It was also really sweet that he came to the National Express bus stop on Saturday to say goodbye to me. Granted, he didn't go out of his way as he lives 3 minutes away; but still, considering he'd only met me twice, it was pretty thoughtful.

I am not sure if he's just a sweet talker or if his sweet talking reflects some genuine interest (or rather, reflects genuine interest exclusive to me). He's Spanish, and he sent me some compliments in Spanish while I was at the airport. I can't deny that they made me smile when I looked up what they meant.

Isn't interesting how chemistry can appear, seemingly out of nowhere, and that the first meeting isn't always determinant of everything?

This entry is terrible. I am too tired to write properly and so I'll just stop and go to bed.
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