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The weather has been incredibly fucked up these few days. It's really like walking into some giant oven the minute I walk out of an air-conditioned room. It's times like these that I'm thankful for JJ's all-air-conditioned classrooms.</p>

That aside, I passed both my Econs and Maths test, 21/35 and 18.5/25 respectively. Talk about a major surprise. My Maths teach was grumbling to me (to me 'cause I'm the rep, you see) about how badly my class did and I was expecting failures all around but NO. Only two people failed.

She needs to loosen up, man.

I had Chinese oral today and it SUCKED. I was the first one 'cause I'm first on the register and perhaps I was still in a half-asleep mode, considering I had an Econs lecture before that, but whatever it was, I couldn't read the relatively-simple passage properly and when my teacher asked me for my views on using English to teach Chinese, I rattled off about some retarded crap that probably took two minutes to say and when I was done, he was like, "Anything else?"

As if he was expecting more. Argh. This is so annoying. Chinese is so irritating. But I love the language. I really do, even though I'm such a goddamn banana (yellow on the outside, white on the inside). There are just some things better expressed in Chinese than English... I don't know, there's just this simplicity to the Chinese language, I suppose. Whatever.

My head hurts. I went to watch a basketball match between JJC and Yishun JC this afternoon. I spent the entire Maths lecture begging The New Kid to go with me and guess what? HE FINALLY AGREED! Isn't he wonderful! At first he was totally adamant about not wanting to go. Basketball isn't exactly his favourite sport, you see. But after much 'go lah! don't do this to me leh!'s and 'pei wo qu lah!'s, he finally complied. He was probably too damn annoyed by me. Poor thing. Bwahahahaha.

(Pei wo qu lah = Go with me lah.)

It was really stuffy in the hall. And there weren't any bleachers, so The New Kid and I sat by the sidelines on the floor, well away from the other JJC people who took the chartered bus, but they're such a bunch of groupies and they're Chinese-speaking and I just refused to associate myself with them.

Why? I have absolutely no idea.

And they were mostly girls. The supporters, that is. I wasn't there to support. I was there to watch.

And my school's number 14? He's kinda cute. Made a few three-pointers, and beautiful ones, at that.

Basketballers all look so alike though. I only noticed number 14 because of his jersey number. Bwahaha. Obviously, he's nowhere as good as my darling Mitchy. Bwahaha... okay. Not funny.

So I sweated like crazy in the sports hall and The New Kid spewed shit to me and yeah, it was all good, except for the sweating part. I hated that. Oh, and JJC won. I think. There wasn't a scoreboard, amazingly, and nobody cheered in the end so I'm not too sure if we won, but I think we did.

Yeah, whatever. There was a girls match before that and The New Kid commented that it was more exciting. I agree. There was this really amazing lay-up done by I think number 9 of um, YJC. Reminded me of Slam Dunk.

Anyway, that's about it. Oh, tomorrow is my darling's birthday. 22nd May. I have to write a fic to commemorate the fantastic day. Unfortunately, I don't know what to write.

What the fuck. I need a shower.

("ike" is Japanese for "go".)

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