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JJC's basketball team lost to HCJC today, 63-80.</p>

And I was there to watch them fall.

Wonderful, isn't it. And I seriously think our number 14 is damn cute and he's supposedly our best player.

Right, anyway, skip this if you're not interested in a blow-by-blow account of the match until I tell you to, um, un-skip. Yep.

Okay, so I wouldn't exactly give a detailed narration of the match 'cause I'm not that good but I'll do what I can.

Let me just say first that the JJC turn-out for the match today was massive. Mammoth, even. So much more presentable than the trickle of khaki that was present last Wednesday.

Moving on to the actual thing now. We scored the first basket, an easy lay-up. The crowd went wild. At least, my side of the crowd did. That was supposed to be a good omen, a sign that the tide would be our way. But no. Some HCJC guy shot a beautiful three-pointer, making the score 2-3 to them.

And amazingly, before even 3 minutes of the game was played, that three-pointer set the pace for the rest of the match. That was the deciding shot, if you ask me. And JJC never took a lead after that.

I'm not kidding. We were thrashed so badly that it was painful to watch. I still had hopes after the 3-pointer, of course, but when HCJC took their lead to over five points, I just knew that it was over. The tide was for HCJC all the way, the whole match going at their pace.

And I tell you, those guys are astounding. They are quick. They understand the term 'fast break' and they hardly ever blow any. And JJC's turnover rate was incredible. I lost count after the tenth one. There must've been at least thirty.

Okay. That's quite a stretch. But yeah, a hyperbole to illustrate the huge turnover rate. Yeah.

What can I say? They fought hard. They just weren't good enough to kick their asses. Our number 5 played damn well in the fourth quarter, towards the end, but the difference was already well over twenty points, way too late to close the gap. And they never closed the gap anyway, not in the fourth quarter. At the end of the third quarter, apparently, they shortened HC's lead to a mere 4-point lead.

What happened after that? Four points isn't anything major to overcome. To think that they worked their asses off to trail by four points after trailing by so much more before, and just to blow it in the end. Why? Because it was HCJC? And so what? So what if they're better players? Is that reason to be intimidated?

It's just such a waste. They did damn well against YJC... okay, so YJC's basketball really sucks, but yeah. We have really wonderful players. Like number 14. Number 5. Number 7. Number 11. Just to name a few.

But the truth is, HCJC still out-played us. Out-rebounded us. Out-attacked us.

And oh yeah. Our defense pretty much sucks. So yeah. That was the semi-finals. No more basketball matches then.

I skipped two periods of General Pointlessness and one Econs lecture to watch the match. Went back to school in the afternoon in time for Econs tutorial but the rooftop cafe was so comfortable that I didn't even want to move. And oh, I didn't do my homework so I thought, no point.

Oh well. I watched The Matrix Reloaded last Saturday with a friend who paid for me. Wanted to watch X-Men 2 but he's already seen it. And since he was paying, I might as well watch what he wanted.

Anyway, the movie sucked. The entire sex scene was redundant. The effects were redundant.

Then again, the whole movie was redundant. I saw the first part again last night and it really made me appreciate the power of original films. The Matrix is a brilliant film, and so very relevant to my study of Utopian Writing in Literature. In fact, I drew a lot of parallels between The Matrix and Brave New World... like that planting of infants thing (in neat rows, like vegetable plots, as if human beings aren't anything more than plants), and how human beings are manipulated and controlled by forces beyond their reach. And that scene where babies are fed nutrients from dead bodies.

Anyway, Reloaded sucks. Don't watch. There shouldn't even exist a sequel; it's really unnecessary. I mean, they brought back Agent Smith just for the sake of doing it, even though it was clear he died in the first movie. And the Oracle woman, what the fuck was that all about?

Enough of this crap though.

Oh well. I have nothing to say. Econs test on Thursday on elasticity. I am so going to fail, if I don't start mugging for it so yeah.

My crush on Mr. Nerd is completely gone. And it's for real this time.

Oh. I got a phone. Nice, isn't it.

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