anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

A Good Day

It's been a good day.

1. I played tennis for almost three hours, starting from 8.15am, with SCW (I mentioned him at some point last year). It was a good workout. We played two sets and I lost them both, as expected. It was quite funny when he said he'd only hit topspin backhands so as to give me a chance, but the scoreline was exactly the same in that set as in the first. I started off well actually; was hitting the ball quite well and placing it where I wanted. That lasted for maybe three games before I reverted to my usual inconsistent self, fluffing shots for no other reason than I was the one holding the racquet. The top layer of my overgrip was also flaking off, so that was annoying, as was my inability to focus on the task at hand (i.e. winning points) instead of mentally checking out, thinking about how shitty I am, etc. I need to conquer this mental problem.

2. I watched La La Land with my mom. It was amazing. I wasn't expecting to like it because I don't like musicals and have a special distaste for musical movies, but I really liked this one. The songs weren't too awful which was a plus; the movie was visually stunning; Emma Stone's outfits were gorgeous; Ryan Gosling is so hot; and everything about it was believable despite its hyper-reality. You could tell that the film-maker put his heart into it because it shone through in every scene. I didn't find any of the musical numbers too long, and it even seemed natural after a while for the characters to suddenly burst into song. This sudden bursting into dialogue-as-song thing that is the defining feature of musicals is why I hate them, and so it says a lot about the seamlessness of the film-making and the quality of the acting that it wasn't jarring to me at all.

Above all else, though, the story is so believable, highlighting the obvious choice between a career and a romance for people like me. It's obvious but not without a price to pay; and the last scene makes you wonder if it should be obvious at all. It moved my hardened, cynical heart.

3. I bought a Calvin Klein Platinum coat for S$247. Its original price is S$1,230. I am SO thrilled. I can't wait to go back to Cambridge so that I can wear my new coat!


Really tired from tennis and being out the whole day, hence crappy entry. I want to sleep.
Tags: movies, playing tennis, shopping

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