anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

In Cambridge

Being back in Cambridge has been like this:

Jet lag on first morning and woke up at 7am; sudden burst of energy after delicious (extra delicious 'cause starving after not eating for 18 hours) vegetarian breakfast at Bill's, energy that was wasted on groceries and laundry; lethargy while sitting in the library trying to finish work to send to supervisor; jet lag kicking in at 4pm; jet lag exerting pressure on my eyelids and weakening my concentration at 5pm; jet lag guiding my arm raising the white flag, taking me out of the library at 5pm; jet lag pushing me to bed at 9.30am.

Jet lag jolting me awake at 2.37am the next day; and again at 7am; I rebelled against jet lag and lazed in bed until 8am, then got up and tried to do work in my room but failed; sudden burst of energy after lunch, which mercifully lasted till about 4pm whilst in library (also fuelled by a flat white from Fitzbillies); jet lag kicking in at 4pm; my deadline overcame the jet lag, and I forcibly finished - kinda, not really - the thing that I wanted to send to my supervisor; and then jet lag compelling me to rain check drinks with Barry; and eventually, jet lag forcing me to sleep at 10pm.

Jet lag once again jolting me awake at an ungodly hour the next day, 5.35am; I gave up on sleeping at about 6am, and read things on my phone; saw that Djokovic lost the first set to Denis Istomin, then formulated the great idea to subscribe to Eurosport player; got out of bed at about 8am to do just that, and delighted in one of the biggest tennis upsets in recent years when Djokovic lost to Istomin in 5 sets; called my parents to gloat because apparently I am 10; had lunch at Pret while reading Paul Beatty's brilliant and hilarious The Sellout; went to the law faculty for a talk about publishing one's PhD; finally met John and had coffee with him and Kasia; did groceries shopping again; and met Marc for dinner. Jet lag kicked in today at about 5pm; I fought through it for a while, and now it's 9.49pm and I'm typing this in bed with the expectation that I will read a bit of the book and go to bed.

The point is, jet lag really sucks. I didn't even feel human enough to talk to people today when I was in the faculty. All I've felt like doing the past few days was to be left alone. How weird is that?

I spoke to Bruno on the phone before writing this. I haven't seen him yet because he's been working late and my being asleep at 9.30 certainly didn't help matters. He offered to pick me up from the bus stop in Cambridge if he wasn't still at work, but I saw the message when I was already getting a taxi; and eventually it turned out he left work quite late anyway. We're finally going to meet on Saturday, which should be fun. He wanted to meet on Friday night but I have to be at an MCR event...great!

I am tired. My brain isn't working anymore. I am going to watch Federer in the morning; he'd probably lose to Berdych. I hope not but it wouldn't be surprising. I also have a crush on Kei Nishikori now after watching him play a few matches in Brisbane while I was in Singapore. I love his backhand down-the-line. He also played a few gorgeous drop shots. It was disappointing when he lost to Dimitrov in the final. I dreamt of him last night and it was a very nice dream.
Tags: australian open, cambridge, friends, guys, kei nishikori, phd, tennis

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