anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Love for La La Land

I watched La La Land again with Bruno.

There's something so magical and moving about this movie. It appeals to both the idealist and realist in me; the disappointed dreamer, ultimately. It is a movie about the ones that dream, about ambition, chasing your dreams to the end...and the price that you pay for following through with those dreams.

As someone who has been chasing these shifting dreams and who has always been one step behind, the movie really resonates with me. I have sacrificed many things at the altar of my dreams; and it is for this reason that the ending - the ending that punches you right in the gut like a sharp knife attack - is so deeply moving.

I have watched so many movies over the course of my life that I find very few movies truly impressive these days; but La La Land is really, really one of the best movies that I've ever watched. Like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, I feel an emotional connection with the film, and it is this emotional connection that makes story-telling truly and deeply magical.

I remember how sceptical I was about it when I first saw it with my mom in Singapore. I despise musicals and I thought I was going to find it lame; and I only went because I wanted to accompany her. But oh my god, I was simply flummoxed when the words 'The End' appeared on the screen, after Mia's final wistful smile at Sebastien. This is one of those special movies that stay with you long after the experience has ended. It also helps that it's not a typical musical in the sense that the dialogue is spoken, not sung, and so the song and dance scenes didn't feel artificial and fake. The fact that Ryan and Emma are not natural singers and dancers makes their performances even more believable; they are not over-polished to the point of artificial. And of course, the chemistry between them is simply insane.

Lastly, the music is gorgeous. The theme song, the final audition song, Seb's song (City of Stars)...I love it. I can't wait for the soundtrack to be released, and for the movie to come out on DVD or iTunes.


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