anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

I've just received an email from my French teacher, informing me that I scored 99% for a mini French essay that was submitted over the holidays. ('Essay' is a bit of an overstatement to describe what is essentially 90 words of French describing basic things about myself, like where I live, where I'm from, what I enjoy, etc.)

After the initial fistpumping and feeling pleased that I scored 99%, my next thought was, 'Wait, why didn't I get full marks?'

Strangely, my parents were never the stereotypical nightmarish Asian parents who demanded to know from their kids why did they score only a measley 99% on a test when they should have got 100%, so I can't even blame them for this. Additionally, I am too lazy to be an over-achiever...and so I guess my perfectionist tendencies are simply unstoppable.


I am SO stressed out about the dinner. I haven't even printed the menus (and it's noon) because the library printers' paper drawers were locked when I tried to print last night. I have to meet the gardener now to talk flowers and then I will pop by the library to see how I can go about printing them. Ugh! Never doing this again.
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