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I Laughed Out Loud in the Library

Yesterday, I posted on my Facebook profile a clip from PM Lee's interview with the BBC in which he was asked about his personal views on section 377A of the Penal Code. It's sparked some debate amongst my PhD friends, but more interestingly, I was alerted to a message request from some random person.

I read it in the library and burst out laughing.

5 January 13:36
Good evening [my name]
The reason I am writing to you is because your studies and passion is what I wished to be
But I ended up in the technical field by fate
I am an engineer in the semiconductor field
I passion is law and politics and a fighter for equal human rights
I found your profile amazing
[His name]
I hope to get a reply from you
[His name]
Everything in your status amaze me
Your vegetarian and animal lover status
[His name] added you in Messenger. Add him back to reach him quickly when you want to chat.
[His name]
I like your post about 377A

Before I saw the message request, I saw that this person had liked my 377A post. Then I opened the message request, burst out laughing - and then noticed that he'd sent the bulk of the messages in January.

So either I wasn't alerted to his messages, or I was alerted in January and totally forgot about them. The latter is actually more probable than the former. I think it should go without saying that I am not going to reply. It's cute that I have a fan though, is it not?


I want to write about going to see the Postmodern Jukebox with K last night but I really have to do some work today as I was completely unproductive yesterday...but fuck it, I am already writing, so I'll just do it quickly.

K's friend is singing with the PMJ, and he was given a +1 and he asked me to be his +1. I'd heard of the PMJ when I checked out Haley Reinhart's work with them and I quite enjoyed their vintage mash-up of pop songs, so I was happy to accept.

It was so much fun. The singers were all amazing; I wish I had the ability to sing like that. The energy was great. The band was great. Everyone was great. The only thing that wasn't great was that I wore a jumper and carried a rather heavy bag on my shoulder the whole night. But it was all great. I liked their rendition of NSYNC's Bye Bye Bye (especially because I'd referenced it in a private entry recently), found their remix of Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go On amusing though not really successful, and basically had an awesome time. It was also free, so that was great too.

Later, K and I went backstage as he wanted to see his friend (obviously). It was such a fascinating experience. Sure, I felt somewhat uncomfortable, but that was also what made it fascinating. I had a momentarily intimate access to a lifestyle that is completely different from what I am used to, thrown totally out of my comfort zone, and it was fascinating. I learned that they don't even sleep in proper hotel rooms, but sleep in this huge tour bus as they head to the next town for their next gig overnight. I spoke to a couple of the singers who performed twice in Singapore and was totally surprised when they praised the Singaporean crowd (though one of them said the Malaysian crowd was crazier). K's friend auditioned for American Idol, as did another singer, and they both made it to Hollywood week, and just hearing that was so surreal because I grew up watching American Idol. When they were talking about which Idol contestants are involved with PMJ and mentioned 'Blake', it occurred to me that it could've been Blake Lewis whom I was in love with during his season, and I confirmed that it was indeed Blake Lewis when I got back home and checked. How surreal is that? K's friend was also talking about being a back-up singer on The Voice; 'A girl's gotta eat,' she said.

It is incredible, the kind of lives that other people lead, how different they are from my own and the lives of the people that I know. It is rather unglamourous when the stage lights are off and they are squeezed into a small dressing room, eating Indian takeaway at 10pm. But I cannot even imagine the passion that they must have for what they do to do this, this not easy life, sleeping on tour buses, travelling halfway around the world to perform to people who appreciate their music. Quite apart from how fun the actual gig was, I really appreciated catching a rare glimpse at the lives of these other people. It makes me think of my own, what truly drives me; and honestly, I still don't really know. I guess I have always fallen back on the safe option, choosing the hotel over the tour bus. At least the safe option is a pretty good option right now.


Two more things and I will get back to work:

1. The ironic thing about going to see PMJ was that, earlier in the day, I was texting W about music. Specifically, he texted me to say well done on the discussion group thing (did I neglect to mention that he was there?), he hoped his questions weren't too trite/boring and he was sorry for sparking a debate with John about whether liberalism is fundamentally about the right to do wrong (I tend to agree with John that it is). Then he started sending me songs, the first one being a guzheng cover of some Bieber song. He asked if I liked it; I said, 'Yeah, surprisingly.' He asked why I was surprised. I said, 'I don't usually listen to covers.'

'Haha. You are so categorical.'

What I really meant was that I don't usually listen to gimmicky covers like a guzheng cover of a Bieber song, but whatever. And what I mean by 'I don't usually listen to covers' is that I don't seek them out for no particular reason, but I am not opposed to them in principle; it's just not something that is a part of my regular iTunes rotation. So it's not categorical at all. Clearly, he's put me into a box - the 'categorical and narrow-minded' box. So who's being categorical now?

Anyway, the ironic thing is that I said that thing about covers and then went to see a cover band a few hours later. I thought of texting him that, but decided that I couldn't be bothered.

I will get over this soon, but wow, how sad is it that I meet a man who's into literature and we are so fucking incompatible in so many ways? I mean, on the one hand, I noticed and commented on his use of 'rotfl'. 'I like that it's grammatically-correct,' I said; and he replied, 'I like that you noticed.'

On the other hand...well, everything else, really. Every fucking thing else.

2. Matt is cute. I commented on his haircut without realising that the cafe phone was ringing, so as soon as I said, 'You cut your hair' he'd answered the phone. So I stood around awkwardly looking at this email on my phone about booking a venue for my workshop (found a free venue!!! I was almost going to charge presenters which I didn't want to do but the Politics department came through!) while he spoke to whoever it was on the phone. Then he told the person that he'd call back in five minutes, hung up, and, after a short pause, said, 'I didn't cut my hair. Someone did it for me.'

'Oh, that's hilarious,' I said, half-amused, half-sarcastic.

We chatted a bit; he said he used to be a bartender but switched to coffee because of the lousy bartending hours. He said he bartended at La Raza on Saturday if I didn't hear wrongly; that was where Bruno took me on our second date. I don't think there is a point to mentioning that.

Anyway, so that's it, all very pleasant. I think I need to kick this up a notch, but I am really the worst when it comes to flirting. (I am distracted by this cute squirrel that is directly in my line of sight right now...) I don't know any other way to ask someone out except to say, 'Hey, do you want to go out sometime?' I don't know how to let someone know that I think he's cute without saying, 'Hey, I think you're cute.' Subtlety is not an art form that I know well, if at all. (This squirrel is really adorable. I want a squirrel!) But yeah, we will see.


Time to start work. It's 3.34pm. I am bloody amazing.
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