anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

an empty stomach

I don't like school. Here's why: 10/50 for my first Physics test. So, okay, I know I suck at school and all that, but 10/50? Could we get anymore pathetic? I mean, fucking 20%! It wouldn't be that bad if the entire class got below 20, and although the entire class did fail except this girl who passed on the dot, the lowest is 6! And I got 10! Oh my god, I think I should just jump off a building now. I failed my Chinese too. I should be studying, but ever since I got home at, um, 3.30, I've been sitting in front of the computer, doing basically nothing. I just, I just don't know.

My English teacher asked me to join the Commonwealth essay competition. I'm in class B, I think, so yeah, I'm going to do it. That is, if I can churn something out with the title "Reflections"...I suck at plotting storylines and all that. So, any suggestions?

Last Sunday I saw this really, really hot picture of this guy. Lately I'm more sensitive to the male population than before, so I tore out the picture. It's really, The guy (whom shall be revealed later) had his hair all over his face, and he looked like some tortured rock star or whatever, which I totally dig. So yesterday I went to do a search on him. His name is Marcus Sternenberg, however you spell, and guess what? He is a model. How sick. I'm sorry, but I have something against models. I find it really disturbing that people are paid to look good and to wear clothes. And they're paid so much! There's something really wrong with that.

But yeah, that Marcus guy. He did like, a number of shots naked with something covering his penis (which really defeats the point of posing naked, if you ask me). He's rather good-looking. In fact, in some pictures, he looked like River Phoenix. Actually, I don't know what the point of this entry is. But a model! I'm still reeling from the blow.

Kay, so I skipped lunch today. Had a cup of tea, and that's it. I like English tea with milk. Lipton tea, to be precise. By its own it tastes like shit. I add a lot of sugar. But Chinese tea is different, it's supposed to be bitter. I'd laugh so hard if I ever see anyone adding sugar to Chinese tea...god, the humanity. I can't begin to imagine how shit it'd taste.

Tags: guys, school

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