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Gareth - his cologne - smells really nice. I noticed a bottle of cologne in his bathroom last week when I was over for dinner, but I didn't take a closer look and didn't ask him about it. He smelled of the same scent again when he was over at mine on Sunday; I told him, 'You smell really nice. What is it?'

'I don't know, maybe it's just the way I naturally smell.'

Of course it isn't, but nice try. Today, after I'd showered and got dressed, I sprayed some Burberry Brit on myself (I always wear perfume even when I'm just going to the library, though I am going to a wine tasting at Sidney tonight, hence Burberry Brit)...and as I sniffed the scent of the perfume wafting through the air in my room, I realised that, underneath the familiar scent of my perfume, I could detect a whiff of the scent that I sniffed on Gareth.

So I did some googling: Burberry cologne, Google images.

And then I saw it - that bottle in his bathroom. Burberry London.

Do I have an incredible sense of smell or what? I'm also very impressed with my own kinda-photographic memory.


Fuck, I have to send drafts to my supervisor by Sunday. I haven't been working on my PhD at all as I was busy trying to perfect my neverending 377A paper. The good news is, some of the new things I added for the paper can, and will, go into Chapter 2 of my PhD. The bad news is, I have no idea what the hell I'm doing for Chapter 3.

So much stress. Literally the first thought that entered my mind upon being woken up by the sunlight slanting into my room through the gaps of my curtains was: Chapter 2. Common good. Communitarianism. Community over individual.

What is my life even? I need a holiday.
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