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Wanted: My Missing Forehand

First, tennis stuff: I don't care about whether tennis should be part of the Olympics - that is, outside of how I believe with all my heart that Roger has to win a gold medal in singles before he retires - but this mixed doubles thing sounds like potential for great fun. I mean, just look at these tweets. Personally I'd give greater credence to what Andy Roddick tweeted about playing mixed doubles with Serena Williams if he actually showed up at the Olympics, but perhaps he might in 2012, since tennis will be played in...Wimbledon.

Does that mean Roger's finally gonna get a gold medal? I hope so.

Anyway, too bad Marat's retired now. I'd love to see him play mixed doubles with Dinara again. The Hopman Cup match was so precious.


Here's a rather mind-boggling question that has to be asked that arose after two straight days of tennis: Where the fuck did my forehand go?

Prior to Friday night, last I played - last Saturday - it was still hanging around, acting all decent, pretending it wanted to be with me. I guess it got sick of pretending; that should explain why it totally deserted me Friday night, and refused to come back Saturday morning when I cajoled and begged it to come back.

The hell, seriously? Totally couldn't hit a single forehand right, especially on Friday. On Saturday I hit two actual forehands in a row, the only two times out of an hour and a half that I felt like I was actually hitting the damn ball - and that was it. Considering the number of balls I hit on both days combined, two is pretty pathetic - and that's stating it way too mildly.

Sigh. Totally got creamed by the evil boyfriend Friday night, when I finally went to his dad's country club to play. Afterwards he said he was beating me so badly that he felt sorry for me and wondered if he should "give chance" but decided against it as it'd be insulting to me. That, I think, shows that he knows me well. I'd rather be sliced off the court by a guy that doesn't even freaking play tennis than to have him take pity on me by giving chance. I'd hate that.

Played with Thx U Saturday morning and it wasn't much better either. I totally missed NUS Wall Guy that day; he always hits the ball back to me, and never too deep (i.e. way behind the service line), so that I can actually, like, hit it back. Most of the time on Saturday I was just looping balls back and it was just quite sad. And it was really hot. It was very unpleasant and not fun.

Oh well. On a brighter note, the 25% discount we get at Adidas over this weekend came in handy. Yay! New clothes!


We went to the Night Safari at 11.30 p.m. after tennis. I was hungry but I didn't want to eat because I didn't want to put on weight (I totally am). I got moody over the fact that he's going to Tibet in a few days and thus, once again, we won't be going out on Saturday. I recovered a bit a while later, then my parents called/texted which put me in a shit mood all over again.

It ended okay. Better than okay. He sent me some pretty heart-warming text messages before I slept which reassured me that we're in the same place with regard to the relationship. And I love it when he tells me he misses me 30 minutes after we part.

I hate parting ways with him. If I had things my way we'd be with each other all the time. The only thing I dread when I meet him is the part where I'd have to say goodbye, and even though I'd see him again, it doesn't make it easier. It still sucks. And I still hate it almost as much as I love him.


Anyway, on a completely different note, I have found a way to stave off the dread of work for a bit: buy a new piece of clothing every week. Totally went on a shopping spree today and I'm mildly excited about going to work 'cause it means wearing new clothes!

That's better than nothing, no?

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