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i'm happy today.

I got a B for the Property assignment. I guess this is what they call a clean slate.</p>

Not that it's much of one, because truth be told, I had all these plans of doing it so well that my tutor would have no choice but to give me an A. Truth be told again, I think my assignment is damn well-written. It's probably the best thing I've ever written in law school, trumping even that A- memorial re-write thingy from last year, style-wise. I managed to write something that's totally not my ammo and managed not to puke in the process, which is really quite an achievement.

But then again, considering I properly started on it on, like, Friday night (or was it Saturday night?) and I gave up on it towards the end 'cause it was pissing me off, I guess I don't have anything to complain of. And yes the substance kinda sucked. I just like the way I wrote it, that's all.

Ah, if only they gave points for style. Bummer.

I wanted to look for my Property tutor to beg him to write me a reference for the student (students? students'? student's? No clue) exchange programme but apparently he doesn't have an office. Nelson also suggested I looked for his number and call him as he hardly checks his email. In the end I thought, Screw it; I'll just ask on Friday.

You know, call me crazy, but I really like doing assignments, as opposed to exams. I still don't see the point of exams, and my main reason for hating them is because my writing becomes ultra shit when I'm writing an exam. Like, god, I wouldn't even deign to put my name on that kind of subpar, low-grade, shit-ass "writing" if I didn't absolutely have to. One wouldn't even GUESS that my Company test answer and my Property assignment were written by the same person. Doing assignments also let me think harder about the question at hand and allows me to put more thought into my answer, instead of, like, forcing me to write some really fucked up shit for the sake of writing something. I think exams should be done away with in ALL universities. Period.

Anyway, I bloody wasted my entire afternoon. First, my mom wasn't home which meant that I would've had to walk home from the Upper Bukit Timah bus stop, which is the biggest pain in the ass EVER, and that alone put me off to the idea of taking the bus home. Second, I ran into KW while coming out of the Eu Tong Sen or whatever building and I asked him if he knew where the heck our Property tutor's office is (he didn't). Then he asked me if I wanted a copy of some Company article he was gonna photocopy, and since my Company is pathetically hopeless, I said okay. So after I couldn't find my tutor, I went to the library to get the article from KW. In the photocopy room I met him and Venetia, which prompted some talking, and after a while KW asked if we wanted to go for drinks. Bearing in mind Point #1, plus the fact that it looked like it was gonna rain, PLUS the thought in my head that my mom probably wouldn't take that long to come pick me up from wherever she was, I said, Okay sure. So we went to the canteen, Ven said she wanted to leave before it started to rain, Azi came out of the study room and so the three of us sat in the canteen and talked.

So it was like, 3 p.m. or something. I thought my mom would come for me in about an hour's time, max. But guess what time she FINALLY called me and said that she was done with her meeting? FUCKING FIVE PM.

OMG. By the time she got to law fac it was like, 5.30. Argh. I really wanted to read the chapter on caveats! But on the bright side, it was good thing that I didn't go home 'cause it started to rain VERY heavily after a while, which means I would've been stuck at the bus stop or McDonalds or something, ALL BY MYSELF, with NOTHING to read and NO LAPTOP to use, 'cause my battery's flat.

On another bright side, the talking was cool. I told Azi that I thought KW is smarmy and she concurred. Amazingly, he doesn't know what 'smarmy' means and he kept whining about it and wanted us to explain it to him, but despite our valiant attempts, we couldn't explain it. It's just one of those things that don't have a definition; you know what it means, just because. Truth be told, I don't know how I know of the word; it appeared in my vocabulary out of nowhere and it's stuck ever since. And I'm not talking about the dictionary definition of the word, but the more colloquial, slang-ish usage. But anyway, he started asking random people what it meant, and this is the truly hilarious part: He asked Twee (as they call him) what 'smarmy' means. The reply KW got? "You lah."

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh my god, that was damn funny. Talk about a circular definition, one that is oh-so-true to boot!

He bugged me for my blog URL again 'cause he wants to read what I wrote about him. Like hell I'm ever giving him the address! It shouldn't be so easy, you know? If you really wanna know, just Google it. Google is your best friend. And anyway I thought I thought up the perfect quid pro quo, but on second thoughts, I don't think I want that anymore. In fact, I don't think I want anything from him at all that's worth me giving him my blog URL in return. A quid pro quo is supposed to be an exchange of two things of equal value, right? Well, my blog is just, like, completely priceless. What can he give me that can possibly match up?

Okay, maybe I'm kidding about that part. I don't know.

But in any case, it wasn't a complete waste of my afternoon 'cause it was entertaining seeing Azi take the piss out of KW. Jasmin came by after a while and KW said something so offensive to her that she pinched him. I think that happens only to smarmy guys, 'cause from what I know, Jasmin is a perfectly nice girl.

Well, anyway.

I'm super annoyed that The Black Dahlia has ended its run, and only after TWO FREAKING WEEKS. Mag and I got movie passes for $11 from Grace to the movie and now IT'S OVER?! Dammit. I haven't watched a film in ages!

Okay, that's not true, since I watched The Prestige just last week, but the sentiment remains: This sucks major ass.

Bummer indeed.

I realise that I can only write well when I'm not in a good mood. Something has to be done about that. It needs to change. My writing has remained stagnant for the past few years and I'm getting sick of it.

Also, I forgot to apply for the Criminal Legal Aid Scheme internship which will take place at the end of the year. WHAT THE HELL. Sometimes I really cannot believe myself. Interning/whatevering at CLAS is about the only law-related thing I'd waste my holidays over and I actually forgot to apply until two days after the closing date. I bow down to my own genius. I really do.

Lastly, I decided not to do stupid things a month before the exams, just in case the stupid things I do induce me to unconsciously screw up my exams, exactly like what unfolded last year. Last year was a sour memory I'd rather not remember, but since I still believe that one's experiences are crucial to one's development, I'm all zen about it and I'm embracing it and all that new-age crappy bullshit. I mean, it's bullshit but it's true, so all's good, I suppose.

I have to read caveats. I'm getting increasingly frustrated by TSY's textbook. There's something seriously wrong with her writing style, such that I don't freaking understand what she's writing about. Fortunately, I have my tutor's textbook to rely on for the most basic explanation of whatever I have to know. Downside? It's way too summarised which means I'd probably have to read TSY anyway.

Sigh. I can't wait for December. I hope we get to go somewhere fun this year. I'm tempted to tag along to Taipei with Tingren but it's like December and cold and the last time I went back in December I fell sick and because I fell sick I missed the KMT political rally which was probably the saddest thing that happened to me during the entire trip, and falling sick while overseas is the worst thing ever, ESPECIALLY falling sick while overseas in a country that isn't English-speaking, because your sickness makes your Chinese even worse and so when you try to explain to the doctor just what is wrong with you, the doctor ends up thinking you're retarded. Trust me, it happened to me, and it's not a pretty memory, not by a long shot.

Wait, I wrote 'lastly' three paragraphs ago and I'm rambling on. Lastly For Real, I really cannot stand how new VM episodes are always frigging out of sync. I haven't started downloading a new one because there's only one available and it's nuked - again! Why do people bother pirating stuff when they can't do it properly? It's so like what Keith said about Weevil in last week's episode, something along the lines of, "He's not even a good murderer!" Hilarious.

I think it's in my best interest that I start reading the caveats chapter now, as much as I don't feel like it. Ah well, you gotta do what you gotta do, and all that.

Oh, and before I forget, something earth-shattering happened today: I listened to Company lecture. OMG. Can it possibly be? Is the world still turning? Am I still human? AM I STILL ME?

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