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because i don't feel like studying.

It was brought to my attention that yesterday's entry made what happened sound a lot more dramatic and eventful than what actually happened. I will clarify now, therefore, that this is what actually happened: Nothing. </p>

See, I'm prone to melodrama and histrionics. In my defence, however, the email was really quite a shock and I was literally stunned for a few seconds before I started wailing, so yeah.

Anyway, I'm an idiot. It's as simple as that.


I never got round to writing about the tea session Rui and I attended at Prof. GB's house on Monday. Well. Calling it the single-most hilariously tragic event of this semester would not be giving it enough credit, and neither would a tattoo of the word "loser" in very dark ink across my forehead suffice. It was I don't know why no one told us what was gonna go down; we were under the impression that everyone would sit around and eat and whatever and the Prof would enlighten us on matters related to his course (comparative legal traditions which I really like), and that we could just go there and leech off other people without saying anything ourselves.

But did that happen? Of course not. It turned out most people went just to ask him about exchange matters. And it also turned out that it was more a him talking to a group of a few people kind of deal than everyone sit around and talk thing. After we realised the folly of our assumption, Rui and I sat there and said, "Shit, I feel cheated."


Well, on the bright side, I talked to people I wouldn't normally talk to in school, namely the second-highest scorer of my year. People call him Lord [insert his surname] and he actually asked Rui and I if we knew his real name. HAHA. Right. I don't think it shows an egoistic side as much as it shows how nobody really knows him as anything beyond Mr Top Student though, and I guess in a way that's kinda sad.

But I shan't slander/whatever others on my online diary 'cause that's not very nice so I'll just say that the few sentences I exchanged with him were very interesting indeed.

While I'm kind of on the subject of CLT, can I just say that I'm VERY upset that there's a word limit on the bloody exam? Oh my GOD, honestly. I freaking hate word limits. That's just so wrong. And it's like a thousand or somewhere there, and I'm like, GREAT, WHAT THE HELL AM I GOING TO WRITE ABOUT THEN? Knowing the kind of verbiage I spew, I'd be spending a lot more time than necessary on trimming the fats and not so much time on, like, writing good answer.

I'm terribly vexed. Add that to the fact that I STILL have not started studying, and you get someone dangerously close to serious freak out mode.

Okay. Will not think about that until I come home from dinner with Mag and Rui and some other law people tonight. Yeah.

I was gonna go home after the tea thing (which ended at 8-something) 'cause I hadn't done my irritating Company tutorial, but somehow, I got dragged to dinner/drinks with KW, Daniel and Boaz. Yeah. I left my fate to Boaz's coin flipping skills and heads was for Go For Dinner and it came up heads and so I went for dinner, even though I didn't want to eat at all and I don't drink beer. And there was definitely beer involved 'cause KW was there and I'm beginning to think that beer follows him wherever he goes.

Okay, I said that I won't slander anyone here, so um, well, I'm not gonna delete that 'cause I think it's pretty funny so I'll just...stop typing now just in case I dig myself an even bigger hole, which would probably happen considering the material I had in my head to qualify that last sentence of the preceding paragraph. Okay, stop typing, Yelen. Get on with the plot.

There ain't much to say, except that it was an interesting night, Boaz is damn funny, and Daniel is a super nice guy. I sat next to Boaz for the whole of Semester 2 of Year 1 in Legal Theory and that night was the first time I properly talked to him. Ha, ha, funny how one's anti-socialness can manifest itself sometimes.

So that was Monday. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday aren't worth talking about so screw them.

Oh wait, I was like 20 minutes late for the last Company lecture yesterday 'cause I was under the impression that Wednesday's was the last. Mag called me at 12.50 p.m. and told me that the 1 p.m. lecture was on. Like, OMG. I can't believe I got ready and everything in 10 minutes. The sideway ponytail thingy is really quite useful sometimes, if only because I don't look nice with my hair properly pulled back.

I was so tempted to cut my hair yesterday when I walked past the saloon at West Mall. I'm glad I didn't; the urge wasn't that strong, the need wasn't there, and it turned out it wouldn't have been necessary. Sometimes, it pays to keep one's urges at bay. It really does.

Time for lunch.


Edited to add:

This is just too damn hilarious to pass up. A screen shot of Baoyue's tagboard:

Bwahahahaha. Tong, if you're reading this, I just want to tell you that you haven't changed at all. The Hillviewers need to, like, reunite soon. Happy ORD-ing.

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