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Too lazy to think of a title.

From one of many well-written Andrew Harding articles on Asia, constitutionalism, rule of law, the interplay between traditional Asia and Brave New Asia (omg, I referenced myself! Brave New Asia, Limited was the crappy title I gave my Emergencies term paper):</p>

"What Asia has discovered in recent years is that constitutionalism is preferable to its authoritarian alternatives and is essential to the achievement of justice and a happy, fair and stable future for the broad majority of humanity under enlightened government nationally and internationally..."

Man, I feel so left out as a Singaporean.

I'm reading this article now about whether there's such a thing as a "new" "Asian" constitutionalism. AH is amazing - he spends 16 pages discussing the issue and leads me to believe that there is such a thing as an Asian constitutionalism, but eventually concludes at the end of page 16 thus: "I am forced by my own logic to conclude that the new Asian constitutionalism of which I speak is not Asian at all except in the sense that it describes an emerging trend in this region."

That's great. Really. Thanks for telling me earlier.

Seriously though, I really admire his writings. Of course he's not above using cheesy analogies, but his writing reflects some literary background. I was reading one of his articles sometime last week or so and I swear, I almost nose bled all over it. It was utterly brilliant, style-wise. Sadly I can't remember what it said exactly; I only remember being blown away by the way he wrote.

On a more substantial note, I am so glad that someone else agrees with me that the whole "Asian values" versus "Western values" thing is utter bullshit. "There is nothing especially Asian about the desire for justice or the need to fight corruption[,]" he wrote. There's a better quote that supports my case but I'm too lazy to look for it. Don't even know if I highlighted it. There's simply no such thing as Asian values, because to suggest that it exists is to insinuate that Asia is a homogeneous entity - and that is completely, completely wrong.

OKAY I FINISHED READING THE ARTICLE. I'm going to watch the season finale of Project Runway now! Omg I hope Kenley won. Everyone hates her because she's a whiny bitch, but it's got to a point where it's really quite ridiculous because the hater are all judging her, not her designs. Yeah she's a whiny bitch but I don't care because her designs intrigue me. I couldn't agree more with Heidi last episode when she said that she was interested to see what Kenley could come up with. Besides, the way the other designers treated her last episode was just disgusting. The whole not sharing their tulle thing when she left hers at Mood was just utterly childish, and these people are adults. I understand that it's a competition, but am I the only one who would actually give Kenley my excess tulle if I were in that position? I guess I'm just too nice for my own good.



ETA at 1.48 a.m.:

I made a mistake - the finale is next week.

Nevertheless, OMG I AM SOOOO IN LOVE WITH KENLEY'S COLLECTION, or what little I saw of it. Her wedding dress is exquisite and it is precisely the kind of design that I expect from her - quirky, exciting, surprising. I Love Her, Dammit. No matter her personality or rudeness or whatever, she's exciting as a designer. She takes risks, and while it doesn't always pay off (see: avant garde challenge), at least I looked forward to what she'd show. I can't say that for anyone else.

And just for the record, I'd so wear that bridesmaid dress.

I LOVE KENLEY. I hope she wins. I also loved Jeffrey Sebelia, the designated villain of Season 3, and he won! To be honest, I haven't felt as excited towards any designers on the show in subsequent seasons since Jeffrey...until Kenley. She's also defied the Ultimate Project Runway Rule: listen to Tim Gunn, or get cut. And she's defied it more than twice already I think. I bet she's going to win. YAY.

And now I need to go back to studying. Bleah.


ETA at 2.12 a.m.:

It's so gorgeous, it can made me cry. Nina Garcia called it a "fantasy" - so right on the money. I absolutely love it.

People say it looks like this Alexander McQueen piece, which I don't refute. But you know what?

Kenley's is way better.


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