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this ain't worth reading.

I'm going out tonight and I still haven't figured out where to go, even though: 1) I had three days to think about it; 2) I asked a lot of people for advice; and 3) it's really just eating and purely because of that it shouldn't be too difficult. But, lest we forget, I'm indecisive, passive and meek. Whenever I go out with people I let them make all the decisions, and the only thing I have to offer when they ask for my opinion is, "Anything lor."

So, yeah. This kinda sucks. But nevermind about that.

I tell myself to stop doing frivolous things after tonight. And I have to stop going out after tonight because my CLT paper is next Saturday, and I woke up earlier than I should this morning because that thought wormed its way into my head and the sudden panic attack I got prevented me from going back to sleep. And how do I deal with this? By coming here and writing about how I was suddenly struck by anxiety, of course.

Pfffttt. I'm an idiot.

Last night was spent mainly with Lawrence, then with Mel and Mel's friend Daniel. Lawrence and I were supposed to watch Mel in her play, but for some odd reason we (or maybe I was the only one who thought so) thought it was at eight, when it was at seven instead. We found our way to NUS LT13 at 7.30 and thought we were early, but the theatre people selling tickets informed us that the play started at 7 and that Mel's was the first.

Oh man. I was devastated. I don't know how I got the time mixed up, but I did, and so we missed it. But it wasn't a completely wasted trip; Lawrence showed me funny stuff on his laptop and we laughed a lot and it was all good. We were talking about how there are people in university who get perfect GPAs throughout their four years in uni, and how it was impossible for anyone to be so perfect. Something has got to give, right? So Lawrence said, The next time you see someone like that, remember that he's probably a necrophiliac.

Ew ew ew. He hasn't changed much at all.

Mel came out after a while and we took a cab down to Gone Fishing. Mel made a comment (I forgot what it was) that severely got the cab driver on a rant that lasted for the entire journey. At Upper Bukit Timah, he said that there are three types of people in the world you can never trust: Politicians, businessmen, and lawyers.

I heard 'lawyers' and I totally started laughing, and I totally saw it coming. Lawyers will always have a bad rep, and hence it's good that I completely don't give a shit either way. But it was an interesting cab ride and it was an interesting rant and I think I should meet more people like that.

In short, last night was fun. We should do this more often.

I had three cups of latte yesterday and it confirmed that I'm slightly lactose-intolerant. More alarmingly, it also confirmed that I'm more or less immune to caffeine. I wanted to read my CLT at night but I read a page of my Chinese law readings and couldn't take it anymore, and so I went to bed and it wasn't even two a.m. I envy people who can stay up all night, studying until 6 a.m., that kinda stuff. I'm screwed in so damn many ways.

I want to buy skinny jeans.

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