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The SEP application is done. It's a piece of shit but I don't care. I'm counting on nothing but the strength of my personal statement to make it through, but even if that doesn't happen, I'm pretty sure I won't lose sleep over it. I wasn't kidding when I said I wasn't gonna answer their questions, save for the standard issue "why do you want to go on exchange", because I didn't answer the other questions about where I want to go and whatever else. It's a personal statement, it should be a reflection of who I am, and it just so happens that I enjoy talking in pretentious, metaphorical terms and exposing the confusion that permanently goes on in my head because if truth be told, the personal statement isn't very cohesive. It is, however, pretty well-written, with a couple of literary references and so I'm pleased with it.

Of course, I don't expect the person reading it to get it, but I'm tired of writing the same standard issue personal statements for such applications that I've been writing since getting out of JC, that everyone else is going to write, so whatever, really. It doesn't matter anyway.

I thought I could apply to King's but apparently it's not available to law students so Bristol became my first choice instead, followed by Peking University. Yeah, I know, I'm really, really reaching here, but the entire SEP application is an exercise in over-reaching so why not just go overboard, right? Anyway, the rest:

University of Hong Kong
University of Leeds (purely because my JC1 Lit Paper 1 teacher went there and he's one of the best teachers ever)
Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris
Three other Canadian universities that were included for the heck of it

So, I still haven't started studying. I went for the pre-exam seminar yesterday and talked to Dan while waiting to go into the seminar room. I asked, So, have you started studying? He looked at me like I was crazy and answered, Yeah, of course! Hasn't everyone?

Um, actually, no. This is kinda bad.

Actually, I think that should've been, This is really bad.

But hey, on the bright side, it's nice to know that there are genuine people out there who don't pull the blindfold over your eyes and lie about such shit just to gain an edge over you.

For some reason though, I'm really not that worried about the exams. I don't know why. I should be panicking, but perhaps I'm already past that stage so now I'm just like, Well, yeah, okay. Besides, last-minute studying works better for me. The only downside to that is that sometimes - most of the time - I can't finish studying. Hahaha.



Promises are meant to be kept. Even if I don't expressly promise a person to do something, if I say I will do something, it's an implied promise. I always keep my promises.

Sometimes, I babble too much. I open my mouth and start telling things about other people to certain people without realising what I'm doing until it's too late. I do things like that without considering the consequences, the impact it'd have on the people I'm talking about, whether or not I'm breaching an implied term of trust and confidence (I fucking hate law school for doing this to me). Fortunately, I haven't got into any sort of trouble yet, but I think it's in my best interest, and everyone else's, that I learn to keep my mouth shut from now onwards.

Promises are meant to be kept, including implied ones. So there.


I'm reading Rui's archives right now and I'm totally laughing at her October 30, 2005 entry. Man oh man. We have the funniest characters in law.

I'm glad she's generally happier now. :) A smiley, just for her.


So, I think I should be an editor. It's the most logical conclusion I can arrive at, all things considered. Firstly, the only thing I'm good at is English - nothing more, nothing less. It therefore follows that my career should be something related to English. Secondly, much as I love writing, I fucking can't write anything decent to save my life, so once again, it follows that the next best thing to do is to edit. Thirdly, I tremendously enjoy laughing at other people's English and correcting their grammatical errors so being an editor is the perfect job for me.

Yep. I have found my calling.

Somehow, that's really bloody depressing. Bleah.

Anyway, it's time for dinner.

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