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A Great Punting Afternoon

I had such a nice, relaxing afternoon, one of the most relaxing few hours I've spent in the past month or so. The weather was finally decent enough for punting and so it finally happened - and Matt was just great. He was great from start to finish. When we got to the beach (the part of Magdalene where the punts are moored) we discovered that the last available punt was partially submerged in water - and he heroically scooped all the water out, while I stood by and did nothing. Then he did all the punting. He said that it was easy, just physically exhausting; after about 1.5 hours, he said that he was knackered.

So I did nothing the whole time except sit on the punt, enjoy the river breeze on my face and make conversation with the cute guy transporting me along the Cam. It was wonderful. I found out what his favourite movies were (Sean of the Dead for a laugh; 2001: A Space Odyssey for something artistic) and I told him that I wish I'd done English because I love literature. (He then pointed out the tediousness of over-analysing an artistic work. I couldn't disagree with that.) He knew a lot of the professional punters; many of them commented on the Magdalene punt, with one saying, 'Are you a student at Magdalene now?'

Later, we talked in my room before he left for dinner with people from work. He was interested in my photos, commented that I've 'been everywhere'; he was also impressed with my Art and Making of the Dark Knight Trilogy book which Mag got for me ages ago. He showed me his superb juggling skills and said that he does that sometimes to clear his mind - juggle three balls for over an hour as a form of meditation.

Conversation flowed well and was non-awkward. It was really unlike the first time that we went out. I think I really liked talking to him, partly because he's outside the Cambridge academic bubble and there was no PhD talk, no academic talk, just normal conversation about normal things: movies (Totoro and Studio Ghibli movies), the year that he spent travelling in Australia, my experience with perverts in Rome, random facts about Cambridge, stories about his co-workers... It was great. It was a wonderful PhD/academia detox that I'd really needed.

It was also really cute when I joked about working at Fitzbillies. He said it's really hard work and I really wouldn't want to do it; then I pressed a bit, asked, 'Do you think that I couldn't take the hard work?' He said, 'I suppose you could...but I don't want to boss you around.' He had this super cute expression on his face when he added, 'It'd be awkward.' I burst out laughing, said, 'You're so cute.'

I had a really good time and I didn't want him to leave, but alas, he had to fulfil his dinner obligations. At the gate of the college, he said, 'Thanks for a great time' as we leaned into each other for a hug. He left me with 'see you around' as he always says.


He is hard to read though. He was in my room for a little over an hour, but he made no move to kiss me. In fact, I was very pleasantly surprised when he moved from my desk chair and sat next to me on the edge of my bed. He touched me a couple of times, once to demonstrate a point and another when he pointed out the bruise on my left knee (I accidentally hit myself when attempting a forehand slice; it hurt like fuck in the immediate aftermath, but because I bruise easily, it looks a lot worse than it is), but that was it.

He said that we should watch Stranger Things together because he thinks it's great and I'm too scared to watch it.

I really like him in the sense that he makes me smile. He's so different from almost everyone that I know in Cambridge, such that he's a breath of fresh air. I think it also counts in his favour that he didn't try to make a move when we were next to each other, on my bed. Of course, it could well mean that he's not interested in me beyond friendship; but well, I think he fancies me a little bit, at whatever level. So I quite like that he didn't do anything; and like I said, his sitting next to me was already surprising.

Anyway, I like Matt, but this isn't news. I don't know what I want from this, but it doesn't matter right now. I like the way things are; I don't want to complicate things. Right now, I've just had a great afternoon with him, and I will hang on to that.
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