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About work: this is what I'm going to miss the most:

(Haha I just noticed you can see my fingers reflected in the shiny metallic surface of the bottle cap.)


We celebrated our 5 months belatedly on Sunday night. I was moody the whole day, thanks to the impending death sentence that commences tomorrow, of which my mom reminded me over lunch, albeit inadvertently. I was all moody in the cab and I buried my face in his chest, didn't really want to talk; when I recovered somewhat and lifted my face, I saw him holding the perfume in front of me.

To say I was surprised is an understatement. Friday afternoon I sampled the perfume at Vivo for the fun of it, and because I'd been wanting to check it out since, like, secondary school, and I liked it so much I texted him about how I totally wanted to buy a new perfume. His response: "I think you have enough baby."

Words can't adequately describe how much I love him - at least, not the words that I can conceive. He's absolutely beautiful to me, and I just want to hold him forever and never let go.


Friday night we went to Vivo. I was starving by the time the cab reached - 8 p.m., all thanks to some stupid traffic jam. The queue to the car park was insane and made me thankful I wasn't behind the steering wheel.

I was so hungry that I couldn't be bothered to think of where to eat so we went to the tried and tested and loved Go India. Had the buffet - was surprisingly good. Yummy yummy.

Watched retarded movie after that, Couples Retreat. It was retarded. That was about it. Oh, and it had Vince Vaughn. I think he's hilarious. And Kristen Bell is awesome. Malin Akerman is soooo pretty, too.


Saturday was my mom's birthday. I attempted to play tennis in the morning but the stupid rain interrupted my session and I ended up playing only 35 minutes or so. We had dinner at Sheraton. I didn't notice the bread and butter pudding - my favourite part of the buffet - until it was too late, i.e. until after I'd already downed two plates of proper food.

WTF? If I'd known, I would've eaten just one plate. Dammit.


Work. Boo.

I love Tong Wei Chuen, just in case anyone missed the memo.

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