anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Now that the dust has settled...

...I'd like to announce that I have good reasons to believe that I'm gonna fail Commercial Practice.

I mean, I wouldn't care that much, except 1) it's kinda embarrassing; and 2) if I get a conditional pass, it means I'd have to take the fucking paper all over again. And trust me, the first time round was torture enough.

I wonder, though, why in the world they'd think that I'd be able to generate interest in the paper the second time, interest that I couldn't generate the first time? Not to mention the necessary skill and brain power required to comprehend things like takeovers and joint ventures, as well as to prevent oneself from completely switching off when one sees the words "shares", "loan facility", "company"? To me, such things are like Mathematics - and Mathematics is one subject that I was never once good at. But the one distinguishing factor between the two is that I actually liked some components of Mathematics (differentiation).

Commercial Practice? I don't like a single damn thing. Especially if we're strictly talking about Corporate-ish work. Drafting agreements, coming up with a business vehicle for some client, finding out the approval required for a successful takeover or whatever...YEAH SO I DON'T KNOW SHIT AND I REALLY DON'T CARE, AND I DON'T CARE THAT I DON'T CARE.

The surprising thing about Comm Prac, though, was that I didn't mind the Admiralty question too much. The first time I ever read anything on Admiralty was the day before the exam, but I could actually comprehend some of it. In contrast, we touched on some aspects of the rest of Comm Prac in Year 2 (joint ventures, if I remember correctly) but I don't know anything. At all. AT. ALL.

It helped that the Admiralty question was very litigation-based and such things, while not things that I'd jump up and down in enthusiasm over, come more easily to me than some drafting agreement blah blah whatever thing. Not so much because I'm good at it (not really), but more because it was pretty much what everyone did for at least two years in law school. Conditioning, training, stuff like that - kind of works out. Somewhat. Though not really if you consider the fact that no interest has been generated in the recipient thus far.

Anyway, all this is a long way of saying one simple thing: I'm going to fail Commercial Practice. This is in line with what I told people who were afraid they'd fail PLC, namely - you'd only fail if you're an idiot.

Well, I'm a complete idiot at such things and it shows in my answers (or lack of answers). So sad, right? Totally.


Professional Responsibility was utterly boring. I was honestly falling asleep reading the bloody MCQs. Didn't help that many answers were so close, I didn't know which one to pick.

Do they give half-mark for half-correct answer? Like, the second-best option? Some is choose the correct answer, which implies the other options are wrong; but for the choose the best answer questions, surely some marks have to be awarded for candidates that pick the second-best answer?

Bleah. A desperate PLC person can dream.


Waiting for Wei Chuen to pick me up (via cab). Can't wait to see him!

Tags: bar exam, exams, wei chuen

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