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i woman, thus i bitch.

My hair is the ugliest thing to ever walk the face of the earth.


I read two chapters of England, England last night. Well, the novel doesn't have chapters; it has three parts and the middle part is divided into...I don't know, sections I guess. In any case, I read the first part and the first section of the second part. And now I just want to keep reading it even though I've already read it twice before. Fuck, I'm so not in the mood for any Property right now. And I realised that I forgot to buy foolscap and pen, even though I was in Popular just now. ARGH.

As for CLT. Forgive the sweeping generalisation, but I'm relying on the Science students to prop up the bell curve. HAHAHA. Just kidding. The knee-jerk response to the paper was, "Okay, that was bullshit." After reading through my answer a few times, however, I have reached the conclusion that it wasn't that bad. It was okay, but it could've been better (much better), and I highly doubt I'd get the grade I wanted. Sigh. All things considered, it's quite disappointing, but at least the answer was well-written, even if it was mostly style over substance. I mean, my stupid introduction paragraph was the longest paragraph, mostly because I was subversively (right) laughing at Singapore. Uh, indirectly. I'm glad I didn't bother studying too hard for it; it really wouldn't have been worth it. And truth be told, the only reason I could even write anything was because the course dealt with issues I've been trying to grapple with for the past year or so, and the question was really broad so I could basically write whatever the hell I want, as long as it answered the (really broad) question. I guess it's more or less five by five.

Okay, who cares. It's over. The exams are ending soon. Ten more days and I'll be free. Wahoo.

Khai and I need to do something sinful together.

Mel and I need to go to Bangkok now.

Simon and I had lunch at Jurong Point and I'm never going to Jurong Point on a weekend ever again. A few hours packed into a small-ass mall with the entire Boon Lay population and I completely lost my patience. Crowds are fine if they're capable of walking quickly instead of hogging the passageway, but such a brain-dead concept is entirely lost on Singaporeans and there were about ten million occasions during which I so wanted to just tell the freaking turtle in front of me, "Can you please walk faster and stop blocking my way?" IT'S SO FUCKING IRRITATING. I don't know what's wrong with all these people. And there was some stupid Pokemon thingy going on at the atrium thingy which is like at the first level and there was this long-ass queue of kids lining up for who-the-hell-knows-what, and because of that I almost missed the down escalator to the basement level. UGH. I hate Jurong Point. I'm never going back there ever again, not just on weekends, but ever. It sucks so much ass, it's not even funny. There's nowhere to go to escape from the noise that perpetually hangs in the air.

Also, I'm never going to McCafe EVER AGAIN. The latte I had was pretty much milk. OH MY GOD, WORST LATTE EVER. Fuck, I make much better latte than that. I swear, I drank a fucking glass of milk that came with a bitter aftertaste. WHAT THE HELL. We (or rather, I) wanted to go to Coffee Bean but the indoor area was all occupied and the outdoor area smelled really funky. We were standing around the tables, making it very clear that we needed a table because I was whining about how I totally didn't want to sit outside like oh my god, and some fucking inconsiderate bastard who was hogging like TWO FUCKING TABLES looked at us and remained seated in his seat, EVEN THOUGH HIS CUP WAS EMPTY. Am I the only person who would actually 1) leave; or 2) separate the tables so that the two table-less people in front of me could use the other one because ONE PERSON DOES NOT NEED TWO FREAKING TABLES in such a situation?

I HATE SINGAPOREANS. I cannot believe how utterly selfish and inconsiderate some of them can be. It blows my mind again and again and again, every single time I come across such sorry excuses for human beings. I should be used to Singaporeans' complete absence of civic consciousness and consideration for others, but dammit, I have way too much faith in people, and most of the time - 99.99% of the time - such faith is utterly misplaced.

The next time I see another blatant display of nonchalant inconsideration, I'm just gonna go up to the person and ask, point blank, "Are you done?" If he's all, "Uh, no", which has a 99% chance of happening, I'd be like, "Yeah, but you don't need two tables, do you?" Because the answer is obviously no. And if a person can still remain rooted to his fucking seat as if his entire butt would fall off if he got up from it, I would give up on humanity completely.

People, oh people, please, for the love of my sanity and all things beautiful, spare a thought for others. Coffee Bean doesn't revolve around you. And so, all thanks to that fucking BOZO, I had to subject myself to the pretend-latte from fucking McFuckingCafe.

Have I mentioned that I hate Singaporeans? Because I do. So very much.

Okay, I got all of that out of my system. I'm going to stop swearing now. And I only type in caps to emphasise something because I'm too lazy to type out the html tags for italics and bold. Yes, I'm aware of how unsophisticated it is. No, I don't care, thank you.

Anyway, Simon said something utterly hilarious over lunch which made me laugh hysterically but I said I won't blog the content and so I'm just gonna leave it at that. Was great hanging out with him. He's like my only guy friend...oh yeah, I've mentioned this before. Well, yeah, he is, in the sense that he's the only guy I can be completely honest, open and candid with. So, it's all good.


By the way, what's the difference between 'necrophile' and 'necrophiliac', besides the fact that the latter is both a noun and an adjective?

I was at this DVD store and they were playing Singapore Dreaming and in my head I was all, "Dude, that's like KW's mom." I knew that it was his mom when I went to watch it but I didn't know him then, and now that I know him, it's like, kinda weird. Haha. But in a good way, of course. I wanted to buy Stereophonics' 2005 album but MJ didn't have it and bloody hell Sembawang somehow disappeared without anyone telling me and of course CD Rama cannot be relied on to carry good music, ever, and so I went home without my Stereophonics and now I'm really sad. Have I ever gushed about how hot Kelly Jones is? Because he is so totally hot.

Also, BREAKING NEWS, PEOPLE: I BOUGHT JEANS! And it's like the first pair of EDC jeans I've bought, ever. (EDC Esprit, duh.) It was 30% off and all and it looked damn nice on me and I knew that I had to have it but I didn't have $70 with me and I still only have $8 in my bank account so I got my mom to buy it for me. Yayness. I'm very happy with my purchase. It's a tad long though, and being me, I forgot to ask them to alter it for me. Well, too bad. I think if I wear it with heels it won't be scraping the floor.

I can't wait to watch VM tonight. And I can't believe that I spent exactly one hour on this entry. Time to force myself to do Property. Bleah.

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