anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

this is what i call a break from studying. (read: this entry sucks major nuts.)

I've been soaking my insides in caffeine over the past couple of days, all because the serial procrastinator that perpetually purports to be me cannot get her work done on time. It's 1.43 a.m. My Property paper is on Thursday. And I'm still bloody doing Caveats, and I haven't even touched anything that went on before Mortgages, and I completely forgot that there's proprietary estoppel. And yet I'm wasting time writing this stupid entry, but if I don't write this entry, I will bloody go insane.

If I don't finish my Caveats notes before I go to bed, I'm going to fail my exam. ARGH FUCK AT TIMES LIKE THESE I REALLY WISH I HAD DISCIPLINE, OR THAT I'M NOT THIS SUPER LAZY-ASS PERSON.

No, wait, on second thought, at times like these, I wish I had the brain power to read my textbook once through and for the first time and remember everything. I hate my flaws and imperfections. Seriously, life would be completely smooth-sailing if I were a genius. Why was I not born a genius? How terribly vexing.

I'm going to sleep at 5 a.m. again. It kinda works for me actually. It's nice to attempt to study when it's quiet and dark and you're the only one who's still awake (of course, the tranquillity is rudely interrupted when your dad the Insomniac wakes up, sees that your light is still switched, and proceeds to open your door with a grunt, "You haven't slept yet?" Uh, yeah, obviously), and I can't study before, like, 2 p.m., so it makes sense to study when everyone is sleeping and sleep when everyone is studying.

Except I'm not really studying. I'm copying things from the powerpoint slides, from my notes, and from the textbook into another set of notes that I've termed open-book notes. I'm writing everything out 'cause it makes it easier to remember/digest/whatever things this way, but still, I can't remember 90% of what I've copied. Fuck. I hate exams.

My gum hurts. Like, the top right corner of my gum. It's painful. I'm upset. This entry is retarded.

It's hard not to start nearly every sentence with 'I' and I tried not starting my sentence with 'I' but it didn't work so screw it. I'm suffering from severe non-shopping withdrawal symptons. It got so bad that I waded through about a hundred entries on SG sell trade just to look at clothes, and I ended up buying a t-shirt that's probably too small for me. I want to go shopping. Nevermind that I bought clothes just last Saturday. Gosh, when are the stupid exams going to end? December 5 can't come quickly enough.

And I'm convinced that the world is against me 'cause I asked my mom to buy Stereophonics' 'Language. Sex. Violence. Other?' CD for me when she called to ask if I needed anything from West Mall, and fate would have it that Sembawang didn't carry it. Majorly upsetting, it is. I'm in love with Kelly Jones.

I've had five cups of coffee and yet I feel like sleeping. The next time I'm forced to take exams, I'll try to start studying earlier. It's not even about hugging Buddha's leg anymore; right now, I'm positively humping the said leg.

Okay, that's just wrong on so many different levels. I apologise for that brief moment of crudeness.

Back to caveats. How absolutely exciting. I'm in love with Kristen Bell 'cause she's so damn pretty. And I've decided to get myself a hairstyle similar to Alexis Bledel's bangs 'do. It's pretty. Alexis Bledel is absolutely beautiful. Too bad she can't act.

Tags: clothes, exams, random, stereophonics

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