anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

a happy, happy day.

I finally got my hands on the much-desired Stereophonics CD and OMG I'M SO IN LURVE!11!11~~~~1!!one!!

Okay, so I've just started playing it and the only song from the album I've listened to (on repeat every single day) is Dakota - which was on the Veronica Mars soundtrack, which I obviously own, which means I already had the song - but Superman is so completely awesome and I love it. Thus far, I'm into Track #2 and it sounds very different from their Just Enough Education to Perform album - it's heavier, louder, and even angrier. I like it very, very, very much.

Today is a happy day. Property paper was pretty doable, though as usual my answers could've been so much better. I chose to do the open-ended essay 'cause yesterday I was reading my lecture notes from the first few Kevin Gray lectures which I found absolutely riveting and I was thinking to myself, I wish I could use these awesome shit for my exam. And lo and behold! Question One granted my wish.

The downside? I spent way too much time on it. And to be honest, my essay pretty much had two points: landowner's right to exclude and the power of the state to expropriate. Hahaha. Shit. That's pretty bad. I was too lazy to look for my lecture one notes yesterday so I forgot what phrase Prof. Gray used to describe the concept of property, so I came up with something totally retarded-sounding which I'm sure was wrong. And I think I spent about five minutes trying to think of how to phrase it, and in the end it was futile, so yeah, I'm an idiot.

Because I spent so long on the first question, I was left with an hour for the second. And it was a hypothetical. I spent another five minutes trying to spot issues and in the end, I didn't have time to finish my stupid answer. Rui told me that she scribbled things on the margins, a throwback to an advice given by our Torts tutor (I think it was TK anyway) about how we should just scribble things on the paper so that they can be taken into consideration by the marker, and I was all, Shit, I should've written "fixtures/chattels?" on the paper!

Even better: I whined to my mom about having not enough time to finish my answer and she said, You should've written out the main points in your first paragraph then elaborate! Upon hearing that, I JUST WANTED TO KILL MYSELF. I can't believe I NEVER once thought of starting off my answer with, "The issues raised by the hypothetical are: blah, blah and blah." ARGHHHH. I talked about proprietary estoppel even though I know jack about it. Hell, I know a lot more about fixtures/chattels than proprietary estoppel and inchoate equity and whether it's binding on third parties. Shit, I'm such an idiot. I'm totally going to do that for Company. Law school exams don't require style anyway.

Also, I'm pleased to announce that I had my Property assignment with me and I spent 60% of the time copying from my assignment - word for word. HAHAHAHAHAHA. I'm so pleased with myself.

God, I can't believe I stayed up until 4 a.m. on two days writing out notes for Mortgages, LTA and Caveats and turned out not using any of them. The third question was so damn long, though, that I stopped reading it after the first two sentences. I had no idea what it was talking about anyway. I'm glad I didn't have to put myself through mortgages and whatnot; I know absolutely nothing about them.

Oh my god I just realised that I completely forgot to write about the Xpress Print case.

Well, then again, I didn't even read the case and all I had for it was the one sentence Kevin Gray said about it in lecture that I managed to take down so yeah, it wouldn't have mattered, I think. I hope.

I'm having a mild migraine now so this entry sucks.

So anyway, lunch at Fish & Co after the paper was nice and well-deserved and well-needed. I felt super fat and full after the food but the company was awesome so I think it was well worth it. Mag and I had coffee at Coffee Club after that. It's been a while since we last had coffee together and just sat and talked so that was really nice too. She was telling me about her grand plans for a cafe that she wants to open in the future and...well, there were a couple of really good ideas. The rest of it? You really don't wanna know. Trust me. If, for some weird reason, you feel like subjecting yourself to Magism, just ask her. Hehe.

I so can't wait for the day when I finally put all my post-exam plans into motion. So far I have Bangkok which I'm really stoked about, especially 'cause Mel is going too and she's gonna show me around and I can't freaking wait; there's lunch with some Jurong people on 17 December; there's TCC with Mag next weekend; there's hanging out with Tingren and Yuenmei...sometime after their exams; there's the Bitch Club on the 6th; and Mel and I are planning to call up Tubby to harass him before we head to Bangkok.

And there's also this other thing. Haha, my life is suddenly so exciting. It sucks that everything has to be put on hold for some crappy Company exam that I'm gonna get a C for either way. The bright side is, this time next week I won't have to deal with Company law EVER, EVER AGAIN. You have no idea how happy that thought makes me.

I think I like Superman better than Dakota. "You don't know what it's been like meeting someone like you." Kelly Jones, marry me now. I'm so in love with this album.

There's something else I want to say but I'm not in the right frame of mind as of this moment to do it justice. I think I'll do it another time.

I'm not one to count my blessings; I tend to take most things in my life for granted. But today, I realise, suddenly, how fantastic things are going for me. I have parents that love me, friends that mean so much more to me than words could express, great music like Stereophonics that I can actually afford, a mother who's willing to spend $70 on a small-ass tube of some cream or other just because I'm vain and hence insecure about my eyebags...I think it's prudent that, whenever I get the urge to unjustifiably bitch about whatever, I stop myself and start thinking of all the wonderful things in my life that often go by unappreciated by me.

I'm an ungrateful, selfish, self-absorbed bitch. But I staunchly believe in the power of self-awareness, and the Alcoholics Anonymous maxim that admittance is the first step to cure (or something like that). So, yeah, my point is, life is pretty darn good right now.

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