anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

my thwarted fantasy.

The only way I can tolerate the next three years of my life is if I could go on exchange to a university in Taipei. Of course, because this is my life and I apparently live it, the almighty law faculty does not have any exchange programmes with any Taiwanese universities.

Fuck fuck fuck. Well, I did anticipate this so I'm more disappointed and sad than shocked, but it sucks all the same. And there I was, fantasising about how awesome it'd be to spend one (two?) semesters at the National Taiwan University. I can live at my grandparents' apartment because it's only a couple of MRT stops away from NTU, and I can totally go shopping everyday because the university is directly across this super cool shopping place.

Ah, Taipei, my unrequited love. I love you to bits and pieces, do you know that? If you were a guy I would marry you in a heartbeat.

Well, obviously I have no idea how exchange programmes work, and my grades are really too lousy for me to go on exchange, not to mention I don't have any CCA record so I guess I am stuck here for the next three academic years. On the bright side, I can do whatever I want with a law degree so I suppose there's always some sliver of good in the mostly-bad.

Speaking of results, my mom pointed out to me that the B's I got were for crappy four-credit modules like Legal Theory and Singapore Legal System, while the more "important" (so to speak), eight-credit modules had me scoring straight C's, Criminal Law being an exception but then again I expected more than a B- so screw that. Chances are, I'll always have my head in the clouds. Practical concerns bore me to tears. Give me endless philosophical ruminations anytime, anyday.

Lastly, the entertainment industry is bloody seductive. Especially the Taiwanese one. Damn.

Oh, and I had a great time with Yun, Pearlyn, and Shuting today, shopping and all. We had lunch at Pizza Walker, along with Geraldine and Dorothy (whom I haven't seen in ages and she surprised me by announcing that her main mode of transportation is the motorcycle - damn cool man). My stupid aglio olio or whatever pasta bloody sucked. It smelled damn good but the stupid, stupid pasta had no bloody taste - except extreme spiciness. The hell.

Anyway, methinks I should hang out with Yun, Pearlyn and Shuting more often. Haha.

Time to entertain my bro.

Tags: friends, grades, law school, taipei

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